Amino Hybrid Android TV device wins the CSI 2021 Award for Best Customer Premise Technology

Cambridge, UK, September 29, 2021Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, announced today its Amino Hybrid Android TV device is the winner of the industry-leading CSI Award in the ‘Best customer premise technology’ category.

Established in 2003, the CSI awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry, designed to recognise and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV, and associated sectors.

As Pay TV providers migrate from legacy to modern IP networks, they often face unforeseen challenges. Amino’s expertise in IP delivery solutions allows it to anticipate and deliver Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions designed to address these challenges. Amino’s Operator Tier Android TV solution leverages the AminoOS powered Amigo 7XC hybrid device, making it a holistic solution addressing the complex needs of hybrid broadcast and streaming delivery. The Amino hybrid CPE technology supports both an operator’s cable and fiber subscribers, such as Cyprus’ Cablenet, enabling transparent distribution using the same set-top box regardless of the different access technologies.

“Android TV offers exciting opportunities for operators,” said Group CEO, Donald McGarva. “I believe we’ve won this award because our hybrid TV device and its advanced software adds the all-important ‘bells and whistles’ that make an Android TV service a hit with consumers as well as a business success for over 15 operator customers in Europe and North America.”

The Amino award entry demonstrated how the company has enabled customers in Europe and North America to successfully launch Android TV. Specifically, the award showcased how the Amino hybrid Android TV solution has the capability to deliver video content via legacy DVB-C and multicast. This requires a set-top box capable of supporting DVB-C. Amino’s Amigo7XC Android TV device fulfilled that basic requirement, but also provided additional, equally important capabilities, via AminoOS and Amino Engage.

Operator Ready Android TV brings together three key capabilities to simplify deployment and ongoing management of hybrid Android TV devices. The foundation is the Amigo 7XC itself, a 4K UHD Operator Tier certified device with DVB tuner support. However, it is AminoOS that enables the critical support and integration with relevant security software and middleware as well as existing infrastructure such as multicast, MPEG-2 and more.

Experience with both IP delivery and Android TV, supported by the power of the AminoOS device platform software, allowed Amino to address the above challenges.

In addition to providing the technology to address each operators’ unique requirements, Amino also manages the end-to-end Android TV Operator Tier certification process incorporating a launcher. Amino understands that the key to a successful launch of an Android TV service is a commitment to adhering to the Android TV Certification process. Any device running Android TV is certified by Google and releases must be maintained in accordance with Google’s guidelines. This means that a certification is updated quarterly to incorporate the latest security patches. By managing this end-to-end certification process, Amino simplifies management and enables customers to concentrate on the quality of its Android TV service.

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