AmpLive Acquires Intercast Network

amplive-logoAmpLive, a leading distribution platform for live streamed broadcasts, today announced the acquisition of Intercast Network during the LiveFronts in New York City. AmpLive’s proprietary Attention Retargeting product helps companies build, segment, and retarget to audiences based on viewer interest and attention. Intercast Network distributes live video at scale, wrapping the content with viewer engagement functionality such as chat, Q&A, polling and e-commerce, with a dashboard allowing for real-time optimization and analysis. Together, the combined companies will offer a simple, self-serve platform and a fully-managed service for brands looking to generate views and drive performance from their live streamed events. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Multiply, Measure, and Remarket
Marketers are increasingly turning to live video formats to reach potential customers, but higher production costs necessitate a large and engaged audience to drive ROI. AmpLive works with brands to multiply their audiences by helping them identify and reach the right people, on the right device, and at the most opportune time. Based on the data captured from these events, marketers can continue the conversation with tailored remarketing to drive viewers further into the conversion funnel.

Introducing the new AmpLive Platform
Launching today, the new platform combines AmpLive’s Attention Retargeting software and vast publisher network with Intercast Network’s social integration and self-service distribution platform. For brands and content producers focused on performance metrics, the new platform will provide a turnkey solution to maximize investments in their live streamed events.

“As first-movers in the space, what we see is that distribution is the key to success when producing a live streaming event,” said Edward Vaca, founder and CEO of AmpLive. “We’re thrilled to welcome Intercast Network into the AmpLive family to continue helping marketers extend the reach of brands by coupling great live content with distribution.”

The new AmpLive platform addresses four critical issues necessary for the continued growth of the live stream industry. First, AmpLive enables content providers to reach highly targeted audiences at scale, when their events are live. Second, through its interactive frame around the video player, AmpLive keeps audiences engaged for longer periods of time. Third, through real-time measurement capabilities, campaigns can be adjusted and optimized based on viewer feedback. This allows more effective messaging to target audiences. Finally, Attention
Retargeting brings these features together by capturing profiles on those who engaged with the event and how they engaged, allowing further outreach after the event has concluded.

“Combining AmpLive’s strength in driving performance for live events with Intercast Network’s interactive viewer experience and turn-key distribution platform will provide content producers unparalleled actionable insight into their viewers that is critical to performance marketers,” said Jason Schutzbank, founder and CEO of Intercast Network.

amplive-miniAbout AmpLive

AmpLive is a leading distribution platform for marketers looking to build actionable audiences for their live-streamed broadcasts. Since February 2015, the company has run hundreds of campaigns across industries, helping companies build, segment, and retarget to audiences based on viewer interest and attention. Through this approach, AmpLive has reached more than 150 million live viewers, helping clients such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and New York Fashion Week maximize their live events.

AmpLive is based in Berkeley, California with offices in New York City. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information:


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