Anevia and Infinitum Media jointly offer the world’s first On Demand TV service for hospitality

Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, and Infinitum Media, a market leader in the delivery and licensing of on demand TV, today announced the official launch of their fully integrated On Demand TV service, exclusively for the hospitality industry.

Anevia’s Flamingo head-end enables hotels to seamlessly receive linear channels over satellite, cable, DTT, and now even over the Internet. Hotels can thereby differentiate their service offerings by fulfilling special guest requests at any time. The head-end broadcasts the new channels instantly within the hotel, through the existing coax or Ethernet network to the rooms.

Infinitum Media provides a Cloud-based Content Management System, via a Web portal, with a portfolio of over 250 premium linear TV channels around the world. This system is fully integrated with Anevia’s Flamingo head-end and a hotel or its integrator can see what TV channels are available in their respective countries. Hotels can select their desired channels, which are instantly delivered to the hotel’s head-end and made available to hotel guests in their rooms.

The service is easily accessible to hotels that already use an Anevia head-end. They just need to ask Infinitum Media for a login code, select the channels and start viewing. The subscription package is completely flexible: the selected channels can be activated or de-activated per month, depending on hotel events or guests’ seasonal requirements.

Infinitum Media’s content portfolio is continuously growing and contains special interest channels, such as news & sports, fashion & lifestyle, finance, gaming, health, and music, as well as adult and religious content. Furthermore, it also offers a wide range of ethnic channels including Arabic, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, Ethiopian, German, Polish, Vietnamese and much more.

Ivonne Prugnaud, Vice President Sales Worldwide Enterprise at Anevia, commented: “Thanks to the integration with Infinitum Media’s On Demand TV portal, hotels can now enhance the guest experience by offering a wide choice of TV channels from all over the world, with cleared license rights.”

“Our partnership with Anevia is a perfect match since Anevia’s Flamingo is already deployed in thousands of hotels worldwide, with the ability to receive and stream IPTV channels,” added Julian Foxon, Co-Founder at Infinitum Media. “Hotels want to provide a home-away-from-home experience that satisfies their guests’ needs. With Infinitum Media’s CMS, we offer TV channels that really matter to guests. As the guest mix changes, the TV channel line-up evolves accordingly, to match the changing requirements.”

Find out more about our On Demand Web TV service when Anevia attends HTNG, Dubai, 11 – 13 March 2019.







Anevia is a leading OTT and IPTV software provider of innovative multiscreen solutions for the delivery of live TV, streaming video, time-shifted TV and video on demand services. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of video compression, multiscreen IPTV head-ends, Cloud DVR and CDN solutions to enable viewers to enjoy a next-generation TV experience – anywhere, anytime and on any screen – including 4K UHD content. The solutions have been widely adopted by globally-renowned telecom and pay-TV operators, TV broadcasters and video service providers in hospitality, healthcare and corporate businesses.

Founded in 2003, Anevia has a track record of being first to market with advanced video technologies. The company is a member and active contributor to several TV, media and hospitality industry associations. Headquartered in France, with regional offices in the USA, Dubai and Singapore, Anevia is listed on the Paris Euronext Growth market.

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About Infinitum Media
Infinitum Media licenses global TV channels for exclusive distribution for the hospitality markets and delivers them over IP to the hotels. Within its service portfolio of TV channel licensing, Infinitum Media has also launched Infinitum Media CMS, a new on-demand TV Channel streaming service, provided exclusively to the hospitality sector, and Infinitum Media, a direct-to-the-guest solution for hotels.

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