Anevia Integrates New Software Solutions and Storage Capabilities with HPE Hardware

Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, has announced that it can now offer its customers a new end-to-end offering of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hardware, optimized with Anevia’s software solutions and storage capabilities as part of an OEM reseller agreement with HPE.

Through an existing relationship of over 10 years with HPE, and with access to its advanced testing labs, Anevia is able to simulate the performance of its software on HPE platforms to benchmark and test next-generation solutions. Over this time, Anevia has acquired extensive knowledge and abilities to integrate its own software to deliver solutions that will offer customers the best possible performance on HPE servers. For example:

  • NEA-DVR can leverage its EDS technology by running on HPE’s hyper-scaled platform Apollo. This results in simple clusters able to store years of content across hundreds of channels.
  • Genova can use a mix of GPUs and CPUs hosted in HPE DL 380s in order to provide multiple 4K TV channels per server.
  • NEA-CDN can leverage NVME and DPDK technologies in HPE Gen 10 DL servers to provide up to 100 Gbps streaming.

In addition, Anevia customers will benefit from a combination of outstanding record on maintenance response. With HPE Pointnext, support can be onsite within four hours of a problem being reported at a physical installation while Anevia complements this with 24/7 remote support for software issues. This combined proposition adds up to an unrivalled, world-class service level agreement offering unable to be matched by hardware-specific vendors alone.

As part of this extended relationship, Anevia customers can also take advantage of HPE’s experience in the transitioning of video infrastructure into a new, virtualised environment, making further use of HPE’s Pointnext services designed for this purpose. Included in this initiative, Anevia is working on the integration of Genova in HPE’s Virtual Headend Manager which would create a virtualised, open-architecture, headend platform that manages core software functions such as encoding, transcoding, multiplexing and packaging.

“Our newly formalised arrangement means that our customers now have the benefit of combining Anevia’s personal approach with all the reassurance of working with one of the world’s leading technology firms, backed by a wealth of research and development. Our work with HPE in its labs over the past decade has provided us with unprecedented insight into its technologies, ensuring we can use the most effective products to maximise our software’s capabilities,” says Damien Lucas, Anevia CTO and co-founder.“

HPE Pointnext services are unmatched within the industry – and we can now strengthen these further with our 24/7 remote software support. In addition, we recognise that many of our customers are currently moving towards virtualising their infrastructure and HPE’s proven tools and technologies will provide significant support for this migration.”

Mathieu de Fressenel , Vice president  Hybrid IT Division , HPE France said: “Working together with Anevia to maximise the benefits of our combined technologies has allowed a new end-to-end server offering, complete with full storage capabilities – something that is pushing the boundaries of product offerings to our customers and will be a huge benefit to the broadcast industry.”

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