Animated Passion…60 years of Bringing Ideas to Life

Ed and his absolutely brilliant, sterling career.
Harvey Minz. Movielab.

Always creating ‘against the grain’
Barry Rappaport. Film-TV Distributor.

The Passion – Ed Darino shares his early visions and passions for animated filmmaking at Disney’s Red Cat Theater during the 2017 LA Film Forum.  He synthesized 60 years of animation experimentation and experience for the audience.

Ed is not only an exceptionally talented producer, editor and animator, but also an incredible friend, always in good humor and helping the crew get through the toughest moments.
 Bart. Discovery-Disney.

Ed Darino is ‘dynamite.’ I thought his classes were excellent! Ed knows his stuff and he enjoyed teaching it. Thanks to him, I am now Director of the Film Department at the Chinese University.
Ying Jo-Hoo. Pratt CGIM.

There are no words to say what Ed did for us, over 500 trailers and teasers, English and French versions, logos and presentations… you name it. Hollywood Stars, Hollywood Blockbusters, Oscar: The Magic Night, Tom Hank’s Biography and many more.
James Hurt  Producer. Hollywood Block-busters.

“El Gran Estreno” released in the US 62 films made by RTVE on a weekly basis. Ed was conscientious on every trim, insisting the original was respected and the message intact.
Brad Abrams. Nabet.


Through the 20th century and into the 21st, animation and digital art evolved in an incredible way.

Eduardo Darino reflects upon his dozens of years of professional experience in the forefront of the industry, with experience in both analog and digital worlds of animation. Darino is an award-winning Uruguayan film artist based in New York who has worked successfully as film director, animator, editor, motion designer, and digital effects artist.

Having such an incredible palette in both analog and digital mediums, he is determined to finish his “Retrospective” documentary (ANIMATED PASSION wt).  Now in his 70s and having fought stage 4 cancer for over 10 years, this work is anticipated to wrap up close to 60 years of analog and digital animation history under the umbrella of one artist at the forefront of it all.

Through the Eyes – True to his animation background, Darino experimented with a wide range of cinematic techniques to produce films without cameras.  Pinhole works like these set his path as an animator and educator.

Eduardo was born and grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay. While studying law in his native country, Eduardo also edited science films. After receiving a Fulbright scholarship, he flew to the United States where, unbeknownst to him, life would take him much deeper into the film and animation industry. Instead of editing films in Hollywood, Darino was flown to New York where he studied at NYU. This led him to animating Superman, Snoopy and many other popular characters from the US, Uruguay (Gallito Luis), India (Cha-Cha), etc, creating over 300 teasers and trailers for major pictures and shows, and receiving over 30 international awards for his film direction or animation.

Eduardo released during the 80s and 90s the Special Effects Library, ™ the first data bank of royalty free backgrounds, which was licensed in over 60 countries. Still a thriving artist to this day, he animates daily, is finishing a feature ‘KAILEIDOSCOPES” (wt), teaches currently at Pratt Institute and lectures at his alma-matter NYU, San Francisco Cinematheque, LA Film Forum, Ort University, Image Archives, MNAV Montevideo, FAC Lab and many others.

Bending Art – With simple projections, Darino emphasizes the sculptural qualities of images to create the illusion of three-dimensional shapes and flat surfaces that sweep through space. 


Eduardo Darino’s ambition is now to share his invaluable experiences in animation with the world, and he needs the help of the public to finish his project ANIMATED PASSION, 60 years frame by frame.  Help Eduardo tell his fascinating story in its fullest and truest value with a simple advanced order.

Animated Passion is in the process of raising final production funds through Filmmakers Collaborative.

Eduardo Darino, Uruguayan, celebrates almost 60 years making animated films, from the analogue to the digital era. At 18, he saw Norman McLaren’s films at Cine Club del Uruguay and made “Creacion” drawing directly on films, which received a Diploma in the Annecy Film Festival followed by “Cocktail de Rayas” and “Sombras sin Luces” which made a strong impression on McLaren who wrote Eduardo several letters and invited him to visit the National Film Board in Canada.


He studied film at NYU as a Fulbright scholar; and in the 70-90s, he designed and animated Superman, Snoopy, Garfield, Calliope, Chacha (for India), Gallito Luis (for Uruguay) and hundreds of animated logos for television stations around the world including Telefe, 13, EduCable, Cablevision (Argentina) Antenne 2 (France) Montecarlo, Sodre, Tele Mundo, Tele Doce, Montevideo and HBO, Manhattan Cable, USA Network, in the United States.

Digital Freedom – Darino found that as the film industry moved into the digital age, he was increasingly able to move the images he saw in his imagination into material that people could view and enjoy.


His studio in New York was one of the few that brought work to the US, while the others exported post-production and cell painting to Asia. To finance his Oxberry Master Animation Stand and Cinetron computer he offered camera service, which allowed him to film works for John Hubley, Saul Bass, and the early works of Laurie Anderson and Spike Lee, among others.
Darino developed a system to transfer paper drawings to acetate using copiers registered as “Copymotion.” It was the beginning of the cable in New York and there found a market for multiple children’s animated shorts distributed by Bernice Coe.


As video arrived, he produced THE LIBRARY OF SPECIAL EFFECTS that came to be used in more than 62 countries and animated-directed more than 250 episodes for television series such as SAVE THE EARTH, NATURE IN DANGER, SCIENCE 2000, MIRACLES OF TECHNOLOGY etc. distributed by Satcom Digital and Discovery Disney, which earned him more than 30 international awards.


12 years ago, he was diagnosed with level 4 cancer but continues to fight the sickness day by day, teaching at Pratt Institute, lecturing at New York University and experimenting with digital animation. He recently received several awards for his NEW YORK VIRTUAL TOUR, GAVIOTAS (drawn and printed on 35mm – an homage to McLaren) DIGITAL BRUSH, Migraine, etc. (created in his studio in Punta del Este).


Recently, he was invited by It’S Liquid Group to the ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL in conjunction with the Mostra di Venezia and was featured at “ISMO.ISMO.ISMO Experimental Cinema in Latin America” at the LA Film Forum, program supported by the Getty Foundation.


More on Darino at: Passion-DarinoFilms/

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