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Announcing Broadcast Beat Magazine – In Time for #IBC2014



Committed to bringing you the absolute best and latest in studio industry news and information,

the online magazine – www.broadcastbeat.com – is announcing its first edition IBC Edition

Digital Publication – to keep you informed and in-touch during The 2014 IBC Show.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL (GCOMM) September 11, 2014 – “Broadcast Beat Magazine” is continuing to top the competition by unveiling the first edition of its quarterly digital publication – new for The 2014 IBC Show. See: www.broadcastbeat.com.

1Starting-out quarterly, with the first September, 2014 Special IBC 2014 Issue, the second issue slated for January, 2015, followed by April 2015, July 2015 & finally October, 2015.

Looking through this issue of the magazine, there are many elements unable to grace standard print-edition magazines – such as hot-links to some of the products or special event information, the ability to click-on and listen to Broadcast Beat Radio, and embedded YouTube Videos, too! In that respect, digital editions has print editions BEAT!

Broadcast Beat Magazine will catch the eye of the most discriminate person in or interested in the studio/broadcast/media industry. Of the manufacturers that appear within, there is a special connection between them and the people in the field – engineers and end-users – who can honestly evaluate their products – which the Magazine Staff helps to facilitate.

Many manufacturers regularly seek experienced and knowledgeable counseling on features for both their software and hardware offerings, and being able to share all of this knowledge and experience in a vehicle that informs everyone about studio and media happenings and other information is the goal of Broadcast Beat Magazine – a goal to which we are sincerely committed. Be on the BEAT with the Broadcast Beat Magazine!

The Broadcast Beat Magazine can be found at: magazine.broadcastbeat.com.

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Broadcast Beat Radio:

The best thing you’re NOT listening to!

Click here to tune-in: listen.radionomy.com/broadcastbeat.m3u

(Listen-in 24 hours a day/7 days a week!)

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In addition, and available in your respective App Stores NOW, your devices (iPhones, Androids, Tablets, etc.) can sport the Broadcast Beat Magazine Mobile App, which will give you notification (if you so desire) of the current posts of information and news at The Show and beyond.2

Useful for keeping abreast of all the studio industry’s pushes and pulls, this hot and exciting app will change the way you tune-in to Broadcast Beat Magazine. Download it NOW and be ready for NEWS AND INFORMATION.

Optimized for mobile devices, this slick app will display all the good stuff the Broadcast Beat Magazine website has to offer – from featured stories and breaking news to podcasts and videos. Be one of the ones “in the know” with this fantastic communication marvel.

You can download the app at your corresponding app store or here: www.broadcastbeat.com/broadcast-beat-mobile-application

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Broadcast Beat Magazine is dedicated to keeping people informed about studio industry happenings and is serious by having both a digital publication and a mobile app for your mobile devices to notify you of important posts and information on the website and within the studio, broadcast and media industry.

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Broadcast Beat Magazine

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