Announcing the Leica M PL Mount from CW Sonderoptic Special program at the 2015 #NABShow

CW Sonderoptic GmbH announces its latest Leica-branded cine product, the Leica M PL Mount. This new camera accessory works with existing Leica M (Typ 240) and Leica M-P (Typ 240) digital rangefinder cameras to allow the use of traditional PL mount cine lenses to create a powerful tool for cinematographers and image enthusiasts on set, on location and in the street

The mechanical mount attaches directly and non-destructively to the existing Leica M mount. It includes a custom baseplate with an integrated handgrip featuring a matching leatherette surface to provide superior support and comfort when handling heavier PL mount lenses. The optional addition of the Leica EVF-2 Electronic Viewfinder creates an easy-to-use tool with endless creative options.

With the Leica M PL Mount, the Leica M camera becomes a next-generation director’s viewfinder with the ability to capture faithful reference photos and videos in the moment. Experience cine lenses in a new way by shooting high-resolution production stills and portraits, or truly maximize the camera’s 24MP full frame sensor for VFX plates and specialty shots. The M camera’s ability to shoot 1080p video in a compact package opens up unique “B” or “C” camera options as well. At the end of the day simply remove the M PL Mount, reattach your favorite M lens and enjoy the world of rangefinder photography.

CW Sonderoptic is offering a show special discount of 10% on the first batch of 30 units for orders placed during the NAB Show. Production models can be seen and tested in the CW Sonderoptic booth #C3623.

Full product details and the product brochure can be found on the CW Sonderoptic website here:

Contact for pricing and availability.

About CW Sonderoptic
CW Sonderoptic GmbH is an international manufacturer of premium, Leica-branded products for film and television production. Based in Wetzlar, Germany, CW Sonderoptic currently manufactures two best-in-class product lines of cine lenses, the Leica Summilux-C (T1.4) and Leica Summicron-C (T2.0) lenses.


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