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Diversity is what makes the 2020 NAB Show a unique event. This concept is what essentially defines the vast array of media, entertainment, and technology professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show at the Las Vegas convention center. The same can be said about the digital ecosystem these specialists thrive in. The media/entertainment industry is in a process of constant change, and although it is a rapidly speeding pace, there can be no arguing against the benefits such technological growth has brought many talented individuals and thriving businesses.

The digital ecosystem is growing to the extent that greater opportunities for businesses are expanding with the development of apps that continue to be created on an ongoing basis. Nowadays, it’s very common to hear about a recently developed app that meets one or more specific functions. Some of these apps are business-oriented like UBER and Lyft. Other apps serve specific communication and marketing functions that can allow for any individual or group to literally set the means for creating a business. These types of advancements, unique as they are, require a basis for superb performance management because nothing is perfect, and even the finest designs can have flaws. That’s where a company like AppDyanamics comes in.


About AppDyanamics



AppDynamics is an application performance management and IT operations analytics company that specializes in managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center. In our current digital environment, the modern-day application is becoming the foundation of any business and how well it thrives. AppDynamics understands this concept and along with its partner Cisco, they provide real-time monitoring, business insights, anomaly detection, and full visibility for the entire application landscape. This helps any business spend less time fixing issues and more time driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experience as part of their growth cycle.


AppDyanmics: Application Performance Monitoring


AppDynamics focuses on the management of applications within a business. This effort is essential to understanding the fundamental aspects of their monitoring process. The company’s Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitors a business’s apps and gives it the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management, and because of this, APM solution delivers:

  • Baseline performance and automated remediation
  • Immediate, automated, code-level diagnostics
  • The monitoring of every swipe, tap and click within an app


AppDyanmics: Baseline Performance and Automate Remediation



Machine learning is instrumental in how AppDyanmics uses a cognition engine to automate anomaly detection, drastically reduce MTTR with instant root-cause diagnostics, and correlate software and business performance metrics. This allows IT teams to immediately diagnose application performance problems within an app.


AppDyanmics Generates Immediate, Automated, Code-Level Diagnostics



The Deep diagnostic capabilities of AppDyanmics enables any business to identify any root-cause down to the individual line of code. The benefit of this application allows a business to avoid sifting through log files, which would normally take up valuable developer time needed in ensuring the growth of the business.


AppDyanmics: Monitoring Every Swipe, Tap and Click Within An App



AppDyanmic has a unified suite of application and business performance monitoring solutions, which work to ensure that every part of even the most complex, multi-cloud environments ranging from software to infrastructure to business outcomes is made highly visible, optimized, and primed to drive growth within a business.


The Central Nervous System Of AppDyanmics



What makes AppDynamics essential to the future of performance monitoring is that along with Cisco, it provides a vision for AIOp, which is the Central Nervous System for IT. AIOp is a platform that delivers deep, cross-domain visibility and insights with the ability to automate actions, reduce the amount of time-consuming IT tasks, and enable teams to drive innovation. Thanks to the Central Nervous System for IT as well as AI-powered insights and automation driven by AppDynamics and Cisco businesses can be further empowered into taking the right action at exactly the right time.


About The 2020 NAB Show



AppDynamics will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show this April, and as the digital ecosystem that empowers many businesses within the media/entertainment industry continues to grow, so do the demands for the technological efficiency that powers the applications that help maintain and enhance the growth and development of such enterprises. Creatives attending the 2020 NAB Show will learn how innovative and essential app development is to a business. They will also have the chance to better learn how the performance of apps that power businesses can be monitored and evaluated for the sole purpose of achieving more efficient optimization.

Visit the AppDynamics exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # C7013.

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