Appear TV Presents X20 Module at CommunicAsia 2017

SINGAPORE, MAY 18, 2017Appear TV will be showcasing its X20 Module at CommunicAsia 2017 (Stand 1M2-01). Appear TVs X10/X20 ultra-high-speed video networking solution is a quantum leap forward for operators distributing content over IP. Capable of handling virtually any processing requirement, ranging from distribution, contribution to DTH transmission, it is a purpose-built hardware appliance created for longevity, density and flexibility. The X20 features bi-directional 10G and 25G interfaces, ultra-low controllable latency and default firewall functionality in a modular chassis that can be fitted with various modules, making it a “living system” that can deliver the latest in high quality video delivery over time.

The current module portfolio supports the processing and transmission of multiple video services up to full UHD resolution. Both compressed and uncompressed formats can be handled seamlessly, allowing the latest codecs, such as HEVC, JPEG2K and TICO to be deployed in any combination with ultra-low latency, optional 4:2:2 Chroma sampling and true ‘any-to-any’ format flexibility. Additionally, the platform provides Simulcrypt scrambling and descrambling of up to 2,000 services in a single module.

A demonstration of the HEVC encoder and decoder module will affirm the industry’s growing interest in next-generation hardware solutions. Complex, real-time encoding is achieved by an unmatched compression efficiency, densely supporting 12 x UHD HEVC encoders or 48 x 1080p HEVC encoders within a single rack unit. Also on show is the versatile uncompressed video gateway module that supports multi-channel SDI to IP encapsulation to and from the current SMPTE2022-6 standard. VSF-TR03, VSF-TR04 and the developing SMPTE 2110 standard will be supported in the near future.

Simplifying user operability, the newly designed control software enables customers to manage the multi-thousand service capacity of the chassis seamlessly. It is possible to deploy the solution within a mixed-platform and/or cloud-based environment where it’s many functions appear virtualized.

“The transition from SDI to IP is already in progress and will deliver significant operational advantages for broadcasters,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “Appear TV has chosen the best combination of technologies to create a truly outstanding solution capable of driving IP migration to the next level. Customers need the right tool for the task at hand, and the benefits of using dedicated hardware compared to server-based solutions can be considerable. As the new X10 / X20 platform exemplifies, its capabilities are unparalleled, built for current and future video transportation needs.”

About Appear TV
Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway, with an additional office in Bangkok, Thailand. The company produces world-class equipment that enables operators to deliver professional broadcast services to millions of users around the globe. The company is dedicated to developing reliable, revenue-generating and innovative solutions for operators looking to deliver real-time content to the home. Appear TV headends are designed for modularity, high density, and flexibility.

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