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Applicaster Will Showcase SaaS App Management at The 2020 NAB Show



As technology continues to grow, then so does the means of implementing its use in our daily lives. Any function technology serves in tasks we perform all center on our phones, tablets, OTT, and all other connected devices. These devices have an array of apps that each have their own functions. Direct-to-consumer apps have simplified the way we perform certain tasks like booking a flight, downloading music, streaming television services, or making restaurant reservations. As these basic needs are met, more are addressed in how they can be simplified, which only increases the demand for the development of more efficient direct-to-consumer apps.


Applicaster, a leading cloud platform giant helps app developers create better apps, and it will be showcasing its SaaS app management platform at the 2020 NAB Show this April. Any tech experts attending the 2020 NAB Show will highly benefit from the Applicaster exhibit in its ability to inspire the creativity needed for app development to continue and enhance the function of the many connected devices that now define our digital/technological ecosystem.


Applicaster And App Management



As a leader in cloud platforms, Applicaster offers app developers a fast time-to-market and a rich array of features on a variety of platforms. Applicaster’s SaaS cloud platform allows broadcasters and content owners to develop and launch apps for an OTT service, or integrate selected modules and functionalities such as engagement and interactivity into third-party apps.


Applicaster’s App Platform: Zapp



Applicaster’s app management and development platform, Zapp enables users to configure and build media apps with:

  • Remote configuration (assets, styles, fonts and localized strings)
  • Layout (dynamically composed in Zapp App Builder)
  • Client-side plugins

With Zapp, a developer’s apps will never be out of date, and Applicaster will manage ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and regular OS and feature updates. Zapp can easily optimize and scale all of a developer’s apps post-launch and if they want to implement any last-minute changes, then they can switch between AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD by using the company’s pre-built integrations. Zapp services include:

  • Full onboarding package
  • Custom code additions
  • Technical and developer support
  • Customer success guidance


Zapp Plugins



A plugin is a wrapper between the Zapp protocol/interface to a specific codebase. It’s essentially a developer’s own feature or integration of an SDK. Zapp Plugins provide a developer with the main way to expand the capabilities of an app. This is done through the integration of new features into an existing or new app. Zapp Plugins also enable adding native/react native features and integrations.

Several Zapp supported plugins include:

  • App navigation
  • Datasource providers
  • Media players
  • Login & payments
  • Fullscreen
  • Analytics providers
  • Push providers

In addition, Zapp includes a few protocols/interfaces that can be used by any type of plugin such as loading time hook or handle URL scheme. Open source tools, examples, and live plugins can be found in GitHub.

Learn more about Zapp Plugins and their development by visiting developer.applicaster.com/getting-started/zapp-plugins.html.


More About Applicaster And The 2020 NAB Show



Applicaster’s SaaS app management platform includes everything needed for a developer to create direct-to-consumer apps across devices such as phones, tablets, OTT and connected TV devices. The company’s unique approach removes unnecessary things such as vendor lock, which enables developers to rapidly add best-of-breed technologies via their marketplace. Applicaster’s Zapp plugins or vendor-built plugins helps media organizations roll out business and technology decisions more effectively to increase responsiveness, defensibility, and competitiveness, while equally decreasing the cost of learning and experimentation. Applicaster also performs ongoing maintenance and updates on the backend of the platform. This allows them to improve the performance and the expanding capabilities of a newly developed app. Several of Applicaster’s customers include ProSiebenSat.1, Televisa, DirecTV, and FOX TV Stations.

The 2020 NAB show will unite professionals from all over the media, entertainment, and technology industry. This annual event will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 18-22. Register now and have a look at the Applicaster exhibit.

Visit Applicaster during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU10817.

For more information on the 2020 NAB Show, visit www.nabshow.com/.

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