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CTRL + Console was co-founded by Jeff Chow. Mr. Chow set out to create a new breed of software that would allow creativity to flow more freely – by eliminating the need for users to continually be required to learn complicated new software programs. From humble beginnings as a startup in 2012, the company has grown and now has a small dedicated team who are producing a product used in over fifty countries.

 When was the last time you had access to an entire console in your backpack? CTRL + Console is anfinal cut pro x editor vvv app-maker extraordinaire, specializing in media-related apps. Have you checked-out ‘ipad Control of Adobe Premium Pro & Final Cut Pro’ yet? The supreme mobility and flexibility offered by this application can help optimize your workflow like never before.

 The software application is intuitive, allowing for much more simplified operation. With this enhanced freedom, it allows the operator to be much more creative and act more naturally. Unlike a standard console, the application is wireless – so you have no cords or tangled mess to deal with. It’s ideal for the start-up studio or broadcasters that require extreme mobility; the app itself is very affordable, too.

For those people who find it easier to express themselves through gestures, this application has something for you! The program can be operated with gestures, allowing greater flexibility to enhance the user’s workflow. The versatility of this application makes it worth the user’s wile to buy an iPad, if they don’t already possess one, simply to use the application. The program has supreme functionality at an unbelievable price. The operation of this app is the textbook example of simplicity; it’s so easy to use that keyboard shortcuts are not even required!

 Due To its intuitive nature, the operator can proceed with blazing speed, using the application in almost any position; standing, sitting, or walking. The gesture control feature further enhances its already broad original versatility – screen views are simple to adjust. This revolutionary cutting-edge app works on any iPad equipped with Windows or Mac.

The good folks at CTRL + Console seek to empower users with greater and more versatile applications in a continuing effort to lead the cutting edge in broadcast television. Using this application with the user’s own iPad has allowed video editors and broadcast engineers to help editors create amazing new content the world over. CTRL + Console is also developing additional applications for further enhancement of the media editing experience. 3-D design, photography, and audio applications can also benefit, vastly enhancing flexibility and speed of workflow.

 Just last July, CTRL + Console became an Adobe broadcasting partner. This helped cement itsFinal cut pro x controller vvv position in the industry, alongside such giants as Blackmagic Design, Dell, Red, and Atmos. CTRL + Console has an app that helps construct touchscreen interfaces for applications with Adobe’s premium Pro for video editing; as new apps continue to be developed, new console pieces are added to the company’s overall virtual console array.

 The operation of this application is rapid and mimics the responsiveness of much more expensive programs or hardware, due to the intuitive controls. Coherent and flawless programming is greatly simplified. This supremely user-friendly application allows users to tap into heretofore unknown depths of creativity. With its cutting-edge software, this amazing program virtually eliminates lag, thereby allowing the user to maintain maximum workflow. Because iPads are so small, it has become easier and easier to work faster and more efficiently. CTRL + Console has a steadily increasing library of apps and programs.

The console represented by this app makes it simple to review footage and circumnavigate through all the basic functions. Whether simply viewing, reviewing, or even collaborating with others, these controllers make it so very easy. So simple and intuitive, even a beginner can use it, yet containing such versatile functions that it allows even the seasoned veteran to appreciate its more complex uses.

Our expanding technology is leading us to more and more cutting-edge innovations, with almost regular consistency. CTRL + Console, like other innovative companies, is riding the wave of our expanding understanding of the almost geometric progression of human advancement. The aid of the worldwide web allows modern media to rapidly share ideas – something that was simply not possible before the information age – and to grow, itself (and as a side bonus other types of tech).

Not content to simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of their successes, thus far, CTRL + Console has lightroom sorter vvvmoved on to the next project, which is currently in its beta state; the Light Room Sorter. This APP/console allows users to add convenient touchscreen sorting capabilities to your existing equipment, along with a few other features. Currently CTRL + Console is a software company squarely focused on top of the line media apps. They look to have a bright future within that paradigm alone, but I can’t help but wonder… what else could CTRL + Console accomplish if they expanded beyond their current self-defined parameters? Time will tell us!

About CTRL+Console

CTRL+Console was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2012 and funded by 888 backers on Kickstarter with the mission to enable a whole new generation to unleash their creativity. Press and accolades include a feature in Mashable Tech and an invitation to demo from Adobe’s booth throughout NAB 2013. CTRL+Console is the brainchild of Jeff Chow, a professional photographer and technologist who found himself facing the same challenge that many creatives around the world face every day – the desire to make art, but held back by the difficulty of software. CTRL+Console is designed to solve that.

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