Archiware Integration by DataIntell for Optimized Storage and Cost Efficiency

Archiware GmbH, expert in data management software integrates with DataIntell to increase storage insight and efficiency. Combined with Archiware’s new P5 version 7.1, the solution simplifies archiving of unused files and provides a comprehensive strategy to take control of data. An overview of Archiware integration partners is showcased at IBC booth 7.D05.

Moving files that have not been accessed in months from production to long- term archive storage increases cost-efficiency. With the new integration of DataIntell and Archiware P5 Archive, unused files can now easily be identified and migrated into long-term archive storage for preservation.

DataIntell is a powerful analytics solution that provides an overview of data and storage utilization for SAN, NAS, DAS, and the cloud. Insights into data changes over time, file duplication, and used space are designed to improve storage efficiency and transparency. In particular, a key feature includes identifying unused files, or “cold data”.

Archiware P5 stores files on disk, tape, or cloud storage. The P5 Archive module offers MAM-like features, including thumbnails, proxy clips, customizable metadata fields, and menus. For maximum flexibility, the recently introduced Data Mover provides policy-based moving and copying of archived data between storage mediums.

DataIntell is a powerful companion to Archiware P5. Where P5 takes care of the backup, replication and archive to protect all files, DataIntell offers automatic monitoring over the complete storage landscape. “Many companies struggle with the difficulty to identify unused data on their storage,” observes Olivier Rivard, CTO of DataIntell. “Since DataIntell already can identify unused files on any storage, it was a logical consequence to connect it to P5 Archive to complete the workflow and move files from production storage to long-term archive storage. This increases storage usage efficiency and supports building a concise archive with all completed projects. We chose P5 Archive because it is very popular, powerful, and easy to use, even for regular users.”

“We are glad that DataIntell complements P5 in such a powerful way,” adds Josef Doods, CEO of Archiware. “DataIntell and Archiware P5 Archive are an ideal combination since companies that have many storage devices always struggle with a lack of insight about what happens on their storage. DataIntell provides detailed statistics, graphics, and timelines, displays unused files, and makes migration of those files to the archive extremely easy. DataIntell and Archiware P5 Archive are an ideal combination from which every company with multiple storage devices can profit.”

More information about the integrated solution is available

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