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Arrow bundles NetApp Storage with axle ai Software to Elevate Media Teams


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Solutions target high capacity and quick access needs for rising corporate and education video markets


Arrow Distribution (www.arrow.com/) today announced immediate availability of a range of integrated solutions for corporate and university video teams based on NetApp storage systems (www.netapp.com) and software from axle ai, Inc. The three industry leaders have joined forces to provide complete solutions not only store, but to manage and provide instant user access to hundreds of terabytes of video content.

axle ai (www.axle.ai/) is the recognized leader in developing radically simple media management software. Its solutions have helped over 500 organizations improve the way they create, share and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle ai, said, “There is a worldwide explosion of video content. Over 100 Exabytes (100 million terabytes) of storage are now devoted to media storage annually, and approximately 250,000 video teams are responsible for capturing, editing and managing this content. Traditional uses of network storage, such as email archiving or corporate records are increasingly migrating to the cloud.  At the same time, video files have become large and numerous enough, and ongoing capture is so pervasive, that uploading them to the cloud is often impractical.”

Arrow, NetApp and axle ai are making the solutions available in three configurations 100 terabytes of usable storage space (VM100), 200 terabytes (VM200) and 400 terabytes (VM400).  All three configurations include NetApp’s robust, industry-leading storage architecture, with high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces and NetApp’s powerful redundant FAS architecture.

Each configuration also includes an Intel-based application server running a 5-user version of axle ai 2019, the company’s ‘radically simple’ video search software. The software includes a browser front end allowing multiple users to tag, catalog and search their media files, as well as a range of AI-driven options for automatically cataloging and discovering specific visual and audio attributes within those files.  Given the large amounts of video – often terabytes – that can be accumulated by a video team in a single shoot, this system allows rapid search and management of those files.

“For years, customers have expressed the need for a simplified and cost-efficient way to store, search and manage their content,” continued Bogoch. “Legacy solutions for broadcasters have been expensive and complex, but Arrow’s bundles manage to bring state-of-the-art AI and MAM (Media Asset Management) capabilities to the corporate and educational customers who most need them. With these bundles, we are able to provide a tailored solution through Arrow’s nationwide network of resellers, and meet the needs of video teams as well as the IT departments who serve them.”

Pricing and Availability

The 3 solutions, VM100, VM200 and VM400, are available immediately through Arrow’s national reseller network. Pricing is as follows:

  • VM100: Video Media Manager Entry – $49,995 MSRP
  • VM200: Video Media Manager Midlevel – $89,995 MSRP
  • VM400: Video Media Manager Enterprise – $129,995 MSRP

Additional software upgrades include 5- and 50-user expansion packages, as well as axle ai’s video metadata services including face recognition, object recognition, speech transcription and automated sports analysis, and axle ai’s new connectr™ workflow solution.

Both of the bundle suppliers have a presence at next week’s NAB show in Las Vegas: axle ai is exhibiting at booth SL15116, and NetApp is at S116LMR.

Curtis Chan
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