Arrow Media Chooses Aframe Cloud Video Platform for All Productions

-Aframe’s Cloud Video Platform to save storage costs, and enable rapid and secure remote review and approval-

LONDON AND BOSTON April 1, 2014 – Arrow Media, one of the UK’s top independent creative forces, has selected Aframe as its corporate cloud video platform. Aframe will be used across all Arrow Media’s productions, to facilitate the production process and enable lower costs, as well as secure and very reliable storage. The move is part of Arrow Media’s strategic focus on new technologies, and particularly cloud-based solutions, to maintain its agility as it continues its rapid expansion.

Since it was founded in 2011 by Iain Pelling, Tom Brisley and John Smithson, Arrow Media has now produced over 100 hours of programming, including major productions for UK and US broadcasters such as “Ultimate Airport Dubai” for National Geographic Channels, “Terror in the Skies” for Channel 4 and Smithsonian and “Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip” for BBC TWO. Its ground-breaking “Live from Space” for Channel 4 in the UK, culminated with a major interactive TV event featuring a live two-hour broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston as the ISS completes an entire orbit of the Earth. Arrow Media is also producing a spectacular ground-breaking two-hour television event “Live from Space” for National Geographic Channel Worldwide, which just premiered on National Geographic Channel in 170 countries (excluding the UK).

Arrow Media used Aframe most recently on the latest series of “The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip.”

Iain Pelling, Managing Director, Arrow Media, says: “The cloud is undoubtedly the way forward for production. We were very keen to retain the agility we had as a small business as we grow. With ambitious plans, both in terms of our productions and our corporate strategy, we felt that the cloud – and Aframe in particular – was a key component in expediting our productions in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

Aframe will be used by Arrow Media to streamline the workflow process across all its productions. Previously, viewing rushes meant interrupting editors to allow team viewing. Now, Arrow Media can return rushes to the production office after each filming block, and make them available on Aframe in a matter of hours. This allows the director to view the rushes and make decisions without interrupting the editing process, whilst also avoiding courier and shipment costs and logistics. Aframe also enables highly secure remote viewings for the entire team and also for its commissioner.

In addition, Aframe will reduce Arrow Media’s storage costs as only the content they want to use needs to be downloaded locally. The remainder of the footage remains securely stored, with high redundancy, in the cloud.
“We have made Aframe an essential step in our production process,” continues Iain. “The key advantages that Aframe has over other services are security, ease of use for the viewer, cost reduction and improved agility across the production workflow. Cloud based video production is an important part of our global production strategy.”


About Arrow Media
Arrow Media is one of the UK’s most ambitious creative forces. A fast-growing independent production company, Arrow Media specialises in creating high quality and innovative content across TV, film and digital media from long-running series to big ambitious projects such as Live from Space, Ultimate Airport Dubai and World’s Busiest… Established in 2011, the company was founded by Tom Brisley, John Smithson, and Iain Pelling and operates in the UK, US and other key international territories, where all three partners have extensive experience.

About Aframe
Aframe is a cloud video platform with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval, archive and tagging. Already many thousands of video professionals around the world rely on Aframe to organize and streamline video production or as an adjunct to existing media asset management (MAM) solutions. Aframe users upload their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or advertising spots. The timecode-specific metadata that Aframe users generate can be transferred directly from the cloud into any of the top 3 NLE platforms. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media – retaining all user changes automatically. If desired Aframe can provide logging services that makes video discoverable and expedite finding the perfect clip.

Aframe also can serve as a cloud-based MAM architecture to centralize a library of production and broadcast-ready video assets and supporting documentation. For more information visit

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