Artec Technologies Will Showcase XENTAURIX And Multieye Video Surveillance Tech at 2020 NAB Show


The 2020 NAB Show is the haven for media/entertainment professionals from all scopes of a digital landscape that only continues to grow. This all thanks to the technology boom that continues to elevate the progress of the industry with the introduction of new tech focusing on TV radio, and video. Artec Technologies is an expert in this field. This company develops and produces innovative software and systems solutions for the transmission, recording, and analysis of video, audio, and metadata in networks as well as the internet. The 90,000 media/tech pros attending the 2020 NAB Show will have more than their fill of high-quality tech to fathom as Artec Technologies showcases its superb logger system XENTAURIX


About Artec Technologies And XENTAURIX




Since the year 2000, Artec Technologies has based in Diepholz/Germany, where it has produced the XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger Systems for digitally recording video, audio signals from TV, radio and video through a wide range of media sources. Customers find XENTAURIX very useful primarily because this broadcast/logger system is used for features that include signal monitoring, broadcast logging, compliance recording, content searching, analyzing, and extraction by using clip cutting editing, exporting and image snapshot functions.



XENTAURIX is highly engineered and it can expand to the latest broadcast technologies as a means of protecting a customer’s capital investments. XENTAURIX Broadcast Loggers have been available on the market since 2000. They are deployed worldwide. XENTAURIX  is used for digital recording, training, and security applications. XENTAURIX Broadcast Loggers is also used for a range of digital recording applications beyond the broadcast sector. XENTAURIX is used to digitally record events and activities in call centers, control rooms, and simulation training rooms. XENTAURIX also serves in fulfilling security applications by providing a multi-channel network video recorder (NVR) ingesting HD IP cameras and microphones.


Artec Technologies And Video Surveillance



Along with XENTAURIX, MULTIEYE IP Video Surveillance serves several purposes within the framework of the company.

Several of MULTIEYE IP Video Surveillance‘s products and software include:

  • The MULTIEYE Recorder (Availability as Network Video Recorders (NVR), Hybrid Video Recorders (HVR) with analog and IP video channels or Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with analog video inputs)
  • MULTIEYE Video Management Software (Creates highly professional, PC-based network video recorders (NVR) with 4-32 video inputs)
  • MULTIEYE VideoCenter III (Sitemap-based as station or software for the query of up to 32 MULTIEYE recorders and display on up to 8 video with control center functionality)
  • MULTIEYE PrivacyShield (A software module for privacy-protected video surveillance through anonymization of people)
  • MULTIEYE ANPR  (A software module for recognition and analysis of number plates with up to 8 lanes per recorder/system)
  • MULTIEYE DataLog (A software module for registration, fade-in, storing, and analysis of data that includes cash registers, scanners, access control systems, measuring devices via RS232 or TCP)
  • MULTIEYE-Face (A Software module and system used for biometric real-time facial recognition and offline detection. It also has simultaneous detection of a plurality of faces with up to 120 fps)

Learn more about MULTIEYE Software Modules and System Accessories by visiting: and

Artec Technologies succeeds as a manufacturer of video surveillance technology and video surveillance systems. The company offers product and system solutions specifically focused on the necessary requirements of government security agencies and organizations addressing the current state of global crime and terrorism.

Artec Technologies offers a wide range of video monitoring technology products which include:




Artec Technologies at The 2020 NAB Show



Make sure to visit the Artec Technologies exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU9526. There, the tech company will showcase its XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger Systems along with its vast array of video surveillance products and software to attending media, entertainment, and technology professionals at the event. The 2020 NAB Show will take place on April 18-22 at the Las Vegas convention center.

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