Ateliere Shares Key Insights from A+E Networks EMEA on Successful Media Supply Chain Migration to the Cloud

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading developer of media supply chain solutions, just released key insights from A+E Networks EMEA on how to successfully manage a cloud-native media supply chain migration. ​​Jan-Hendrik Hein, VP of Media Operations at A+E Networks EMEA, shares real-world experience, emphasizing four key areas that play a critical role in streamlining and future proofing your operation:

  • Factory level automation should be top of mind; reduce the strain on internal DevOps and engineering teams with a solution that has carefully curated, ready-to-deploy tools to make onboarding faster and more efficient.  
  • Choose cloud-native vs cloud-hosted solutions that enable you to make the most out of cloud infrastructure as opposed to virtualized on-prem solutions that may cause integration or reprogramming issues. 
  • Watch trends in streaming and OTT to understand how the industry is growing and evolving. From partner VOD and SVOD to FAST channels and DTC apps, there are different strategies applied throughout EMEA depending on the level of OTT development in any given territory.
  • Be strategic about adopting cloud infrastructure and identify the return for the business and specifically how to benchmark success, performance and ROI. Otherwise, there’s a risk of building something that is inefficient, cumbersome, and difficult to support. 

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