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ATEME at Forefront of BISS-CA Standard with Kyrion and TITAN Solutions


ATEME, the leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV and OTT, continues pioneering the next generation of content delivery as its Kyrion and TITAN Edge solutions remain inherent in the development and market adoption of the BISS-CA standard.

As an evolution of the BISS protocol, BISS-CA is an open, royalty-free, secure and interoperable conditional access encryption standard which includes a dynamic rolling key system. Developed by the EBU in long-standing collaboration with ATEME and other network equipment vendors, BISS-CA enables real-time entitlement management for content streams over any network. It can be used on any production equipment from encoders and decoders to multiplexers and transcoders to transmit high value content securely.

ATEME has developed a strong relationship with the EBU, having collaborated on the BISS-CA concept since 2017 when ATEME assisted the EBU in the introduction and launch of the BISS-CA protocol. Since then, ATEME has supported Eurovision Services, an EBU subsidiary, in everyday tests and trials focused on the development of the standard and its promotion. This includes public key concatenation, locking systems and inbound watermarking to increase the content protection level on this global solution from content creation to final distribution.

Julien Mandel, Contribution Segment Manager, ATEME

Having played an active role in the development of the standard since the beginning, ATEME’s solutions are all BISS-CA software upgradable and used for BISS-CA interoperability and certification tests. ATEME’s IRDs are integrated in the Eurovision Services management system and are part of its recent firmware upgrading procedure.

Julien Mandel, Contribution Segment Manager, ATEME said: “At ATEME, we are proud to have worked with the EBU on the creation and development of BISS-CA. It is a great example of how the combined efforts of dedicated professionals can result in driving innovation in the broadcast industry and create an industry-leading and market-recognized solution.”

About ATEME:

ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), Transforming Video Delivery. ATEME is a global leader in VVC, AV1, HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. More information is available at www.ateme.com. Follow us on Twitter: @ateme_tweets and LinkedIn.

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