AtomOS 10.51 for Ninja V available now

The new Free AtomOS 10.51 for Ninja V is available now. With this firmware update, all users will benefit from improvements and refinements to the UI and workflow, plus Z CAM E2 series users will enjoy extended camera control via the Ninja V touchscreen more details below.

Z CAM E2 series* and Ninja V users can now:

 Z CAM Navigation updates:

  • Bring up the Z CAM menu display from the Ninja V touchscreen via the camera control menu.
  • Note: camera control menu is not possible when recording RAW via HDMI 
  • Navigate the camera menu with Menu, Arrow and Enter keys directly via the Ninja V touch screen as well as via the on-camera buttons.
  • Function added in Ninja V record menu to force menus to remain active in cases where recording menu and display information is required.

AtomHDR Monitoring Support 

  • Support added to AtomHDR engine for Z CAM Zlog2 Gamma for recording video output for recording in Apple ProRes or Avid Dnx.

See below videos on camera control set-up guide and ProRes RAW – SDR workflow in Final Cut Pro X

Z CAM E2 Series & Ninja V  – ProRes RAW + camera control setup guide

Z CAM ProRes RAW = SDR Workflow in Final Cut Pro X

*supported cameras are 5.8K Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI recording with the Flagship series Z CAM E2-F6, E2-F8 and E2-S6 large sensor cinema cameras, as well as 4K ProRes RAW recording from the Micro 4/3 E2, E2-M4, and E2 C models.

The free AtomOS 10.51 firmware update is available here Update firmware on the Ninja V – AtomOS Ninja V firmware update:



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