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ATTO Technology to Highlight 8K Innovations at SMPTE 2015


ATTO Technology, Inc., a recognized leader in powering high-performance audio and video workflows for over 25 years, announced that they would highlight its high-performance solutions tailored to the needs of media professionals at this year’s Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE®) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Hollywood, CA., from Oct. 26th – 29th. The SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition is the premier annual event for motion imaging and media technology, production, operations and the allied arts & sciences.

“New production formats such as 8K video being adopted by the film/television industry come with new requirements to support those workflows,” said Tom Kolniak, director of products at ATTO Technology. “To handle the simultaneous demands of 8K/4K editing, real-time processing, CGI, and visual effects, studio infrastructure needs to support multiple Ultra High-Definition streams. ATTO’s end-to-end solutions enable fast, efficient and reliable data transfers at each workflow step, including ingest, edit, finishing, distribution and archive. With a product portfolio encompassing 40Gb/10Gb Ethernet, 16Gb Fibre Channel and 12Gb/6Gb SAS, along with Thunderbolt™ solutions for desktop workstations and workbooks, ATTO provides high-performance storage and network connectivity to meet your present and future workflow needs.”

The following ATTO product lines will be displayed in booth 202 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel during SMPTE:

  • Thunderbolt™ Desklink Devices: ATTO ThunderLink™ and Thunderstream™ Desklink devices enable today’s small form factor platforms to connect to high-performance storage and networks. ThunderLink provides Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel, SAS or 10GbE connectivity, giving all-in-one systems and mobile platforms access to 16Gb or 8Gb Fibre Channel SANs, storage devices, Ethernet networks and iSCSI storage at unprecedented speeds. ThunderStream adds RAID technology, creating a robust and embeddable RAID controller for professional and prosumer storage applications to protect critical data in the event of a drive failure. With transfer speeds of 20Gb/s, ThunderLink Desklink devices are ideal for creative professionals who need access to external storage and networks for demanding I/O applications. ATTO’s Desklink lineup features Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™), a proprietary technology that provides best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers to eliminate dropped frames and the need for re-rendering.
  • Celerity™ Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters: ATTO’s Celerity 16Gb Fibre Channel  HBAs address the needs of 8K and 4K Ultra High-Definition video post-production workflows including capture, edit, content management and distribution with extremely fast, efficient and reliable data transfers. The industry’s first quad channel card delivers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available on the market and features MultiPath Director™, a proprietary feature-rich driver that provides a completely redundant, high performance storage solution for workstation applications in digital video, audio and content-creation environments. MultiPath Director is the only storage connectivity solution that lets you connect directly to enterprise-class storage and manage multiple paths between Linux®, Mac® and Windows® workstations and servers. When Celerity HBAs are combined with ATTO’s FibreConnect™ 1600 Series Fibre Channel switches, it creates a complete SAN connectivity solution with high bandwidth, low latency and the lowest power consumption in the industry.
  • FastFrame™ Network Interface Cards:The ATTO family of FastFrame 40/10GbE NICs provide high performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support where guaranteed data delivery rates are required. The new FastFrame 40GbE NIC combines near-line speed throughput with best-in-class latency to support high-performance applications such as uncompressed 4K and 8K video editing. The industry-leading throughput and ultra-low latency provided by FastFrame 40GbE is enabled by Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), a feature that uses zero copy data transfers to permit efficient data movement between servers and storage and frees up host CPUs for editing, compositing and rendering. A related new product release that ATTO will highlight at SMPTE is Xtend SAN v4.0. ATTO’s iSCSI initiator has been the market standard for OS X for over 10 years, and it displays our ongoing commitment to developing products that ensure optimal performance of block-based iSCSI transfers in OS X environments.
  • ExpressSAS™ Host Bus Adapters:  Optimized for extremely low latency and high-bandwidth data transfer, the ExpressSAS line’s wide variety of port configurations and Power Center Pro integrated software RAID solution bring flexibility and reliability to the most demanding applications. The newest addition to the family, the ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS/SATA HBA, provides users with the fastest storage connectivity for video and film production. ExpressSAS 12Gb HBAs offer 8 or 16 internal and external port configurations, allowing up to 1,200 MB/s per port to enhance the performance of streaming media applications and enabling scalability for next generation platforms and infrastructures, all while using up to 40% less power than competitive HBAs.
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