Audio Design Desk Announces Official Launch of its Award-Winning Audio Tools with Free Version for Creators

Los Angeles, CA – May 20, 2020 – Audio Design Desk, an entirely new breed of Digital Audio Workstation that uses AI-assisted content creation tools to enable filmmakers, editors, sound designers and creators to produce cinema-quality sound in seconds, today announced the official launch of its award-winning software along with an incredible free version of its audio design app for visual storytellers, Audio Design Desk Create. This release comes on the heels of Pro Sound News naming Audio Design Desk a recipient of its NAB Future Best of Show award

Audio Design Desk Create includes over 500 sound design elements created by the same team who produced sounds for “Spider-Man” and “The Avengers” plus an additional 2000 sound effects and music compositions to get started. It comes with’s acclaimed programmable triggers, powerful replacement tools, AI creative engine, and revolutionary sync technology. Now, everyone can experience the power and simplicity of the application that has taken the industry by storm. 

“At a time when so many people around the world are making content, we wanted to empower them by offering a free version of Audio Design Desk to enhance and inspire their creativity,” states Gabe Cowan, co-founder and CEO of Audio Design Desk. “Every member of the team is excited to see and hear the work they create and, as always, we are here to help should any of them want pro tips, tutorials or another set of ears to listen to their work.” 

Audio Design Desk Introduces Brand New Features

Coming from a robust public beta period, Audio Design Desk has also just released v1.2 of the platform, which now includes volume automation plus the following new tools and updates: 

  • Replace Without Losing Sync: Pressing the new replace button above the timeline, users can turn one composition into infinite alternates and can refine their results by using keywords, intensity, complexity, genre, album, composer or playlists. 
  • Create Triggers Faster and More Easily: The triggers menu is now in the main window and has been completely redesigned and streamlined to give users more options while simplifying the process. Users can search for sounds and drag them to this window to create trigger playlists. They can refine their playlists at any time and save trigger sets for future use. 
  • Create a Timecode Offset in the Transport: Autoset to match incoming video by default, users can now also adjust the timecode manually. This is especially helpful when working in reels or when no timecode is present and users want to set it manually, or if an edit has changed while you were working on sound. 
  • Fine Tuned Looping Controls: Users can now loop any selection by pressing option command L, and they can freely move the loop by pressing shift or command and dragging the loop points. 
  • Updates to Metadata Editing: Now, sync markers can be immediately changed and updated in the audio editor, and a new command exists in the metadata window that allows users to change any piece of metadata from any library. 
  • Perfect the Sync with Slower Playback Speeds: Audio Design Desk now enables playback at 1/3 the speed, in addition to half-speed, making it even easier to perfect sync while performing.
  • Updated Metadata Guessing Algorithm: This algorithm as well as the sync marker guessing algorithm have been updated to really speed up the importing workflow. 

Visit for a breakdown of the key differences between Create (free) and the paid version tiers of Audio Design Desk. 

Audio Design Desk Wins an NAB Future Best of Show Award

On May 14, 2020, Pro Sound News announced the recipients of its NAB Future Best of Show awards, naming Audio Design Desk among three winners. In a press release, Paul McLane, managing director of content in Future’s B2B media technology group, said, “Our thanks to the many companies that participated in this year’s program under such unusual circumstances. It’s clear from the nominations that despite the current health crisis, technology innovation remains strong in our industry.”

What the Industry is Saying About Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk has received serious praise from the industry and is already being used on high profile productions for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Studios among others. 

“This is the tool I’ve been looking for my entire career. Audio Design Desk lets me focus on creating sounds and makes a lot of the pain and chore of sound editing disappear. The team has come up with a groundbreaking product that is feature-filled and complete right out of the gate. I love its smooth integration with Pro Tools and am using it on all of my projects.” – Jaime Hardt, Sound Effects Editor, “It”, “Zero Dark Thirty”

“I am a huge fan of innovative startups in the music business and one that caught my eye at NAMM this year was Audio Design Desk. It’s a new intelligent approach for audio post-production that promises blazing workflow speeds for adding sound effects, foley, ambience, and music to a moving image. One part sampler, one part DAW, one part sound library – this software has unique hybrid functionality that sets it apart from any other software solution out there.” – Philip Mantione, Pro Audio Files

“Audio Design Desk, also called, is a new audio post-production tool that completely reinvents how sound designers and filmmakers can implement sounds to a video.” … “The beautiful thing is that every sound is identified and chosen, and you can preview it in the browser. Also, each sound carries an embedded sync point. It means that sounds land on your timeline in the exact position relative to the video mark you put.” – Jeff Loch, Cinema5D

Request an NFR License to Review Audio Design Desk

Members of the press can request a Not For Resale (NFR) license to review Audio Design Desk. For more information or to schedule a demo with an expert from the team, contact Megan Linebarger at

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Audio Design Desk ( is to audio software what Pro Tools was to the tape machine. It’s an entirely new breed of Digital Audio Workstation that artists can play like an instrument, revolutionizing the process of adding music and sound effects to picture and cutting down what can typically be a full day project to just a few minutes. It comes bundled with 20,000 sounds embedded with patent-pending Sonic Intelligence™, using AI-assisted content creation tools to enable filmmakers, sound designers, composers, and creators to produce cinema-quality compositions at the speed of thought, giving them a level of creative control that is unmatched by any other software. Visit to learn more. 

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