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Job Opening: Audio Production Engineer, SCPR #164-17


Position: Audio Production Engineer, SCPR #164-17
Company: American Public Media
Location: Pasadena CA US

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for recording, editing and mixing various radio programs (both pre-recorded and live-radio shows) for SCPR, and working with show producers to produce high quality radio programs.

This posting has an application deadline of December 12, 2016 (10pm PST).

Position Responsibility:
Record, edit, mix and maintain audio elements to produce high-quality audio for special radio programs, operating in-studio live radio programs and remote sound recordings. Transmit live remote programming utilizing POTS and ISDN codecs. Creative use of microphones, mixing boards and ancillary equipment to insure that the highest audio quality possible is delivered to distribution channels. Act as Technical Director for on-going projects providing quality control for recording, editing, mastering and distribution. Operate the Network Control Center including: recording and trimming incoming feeds, troubleshooting network and local transmission systems problems, providing helpdesk functions for digital editing systems, routing and patching signal sources, build play lists for later “on-air” program retrieval, log transmitter readings and provide first echelon maintenance. Perform studio engineer functions including control board operation; processing audio for Internet distribution; operating CDR duplication equipment. Establish, calibrate and monitor any equipment necessary for radio broadcast, including ISDN lines, signal processing and various broadcast recording formats. Prep necessary program material for air, including program sound management, continuity and promo script writing. Perform sound recording and postproduction, including sweetening, editing, mixing; also working with voice talents and incorporating SFX. Provide technical support for special programs and SCPR studios, and affiliates through triage and troubleshooting. Other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in recording engineering OR 5+ years of work experience as a broadcast or recording engineer. 5+ years of work experience in audio: recording, mixing, editing, post production industry, and at least two years experience in the broadcast industry. Direct experience in troubleshooting complex audio, including editing, sweetening and final mixing for radio programs. Experienced in operating public address systems.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
Computer literate with experience using PC and Mac platforms. Comprehensive working knowledge of broadcast radio operations and program production, including direct experience in engineering for Live-radio and Remotes. Solid working experience in audio systems including mixing consoles, mics, patchbays, routers, signal processing, record/playback machines. Expert fluency in ProTools and other digital audio workstations. Solid experience and knowledge in radio delivery systems including ENCO automation for “on-air” program delivery. Solid understanding of the audio signal flow and sound propagation. Pro-active self-starter must be highly self-motivated, and able to work independently and perform well under pressure.

Reporting To This Position: None

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
Must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation. Physical Demands: Required to move about in an office environment Reach with hands and arms Balance, stoop, kneel, or crouch Frequent use of hands for data entry/keystrokes and simple grasping Working Conditions: Moderate noise level Occasional exposure to prevalent weather conditions

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