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Audiocastle Scores Music for Acuvue Broadcast Campaign


Audiocastle recently met the challenge of composing music for Acuvue Contact Lenses’ broadcast and integrated campaign, ‘Be Free, Be You.’ Composers Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta collaborated with songwriter/vocalist Gabriela Ferrer on the tracks for the spots, delivering instrumentals and lyrics with a contemporary commercial sound virtually overnight.

At the 11th hour, the client decided that the music initially composed for the commercials fell short of their vision.
Audiocastle was contacted on a Sunday and presented with the seemingly impossible task of coming up with a new concept, composing, and recording an artist-driven style of musi that traditionally takes multiple sessions to create.

Directed by Marcos Mijan, the spots feature active, motivated young people in fast-paced visual stories. Rather than using stock music or a brand-driven track, the creative team wanted the music to sound like songs released by a recording artist, with the vibe of tracks young adults might have on their playlist.

“The upbeat campaign had done all the heavy lifting. The advertising consultancy, Mint MENA, and the team at Camouflage Productions had crafted a series of high-energy visuals colored with a pop-culture, stylized look that hold the attention of Acuvue’s target markets, delivering the brand’s message,” says Sutta. “Audiocastle’s role was to create songs with a musical aesthetic that draws youthful viewers into the spots.”

“We love creating music, accomplishing ambitious goals, and feeding off the energy of a talented team that delivers world-class content,” adds Sutta. “Gabriella, an uber-talented songwriter, cleverly wove the lyrics and melodies together for these spots. Collaborating with her was one of the keys to successfully creating music that met – and exceeded – our client’s expectations.”


Looking beyond the product, she focused on a bigger, universal message, with a raw, contemporary sound – and an inspirational takeaway. The broad points touch on the power of seeing, looking at the world around you – viewing each moment and having the freedom to live life to the fullest.

Robl and Sutta began composing the music, blending bass, electric guitar, drums, and synths with Ferrer’s impassioned vocals. The next morning, they deliver original tracks that captured the sound of an artist-driven song, with the retrospective, personal feel the client wanted.

The live performances were recorded at Audiocastle utilizing a select mix of equipment including, a Neumann CMV 563 vocal microphone, 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr guitar, 1969 Fender p bass, 1949 Fender Deluxe Amp, Gordon Mic Preamp, Nagra IV-s tape machine, Manley Variable mu compressor, and an API 2500 Compresso/r.

The package includes two :60 broadcast commercials ‘Acuvue Vita,’ targeting a young, hip demographic, and ‘Acuvue 1-Day Oasys,’ with a message tailored to young professionals, are currently broadcasting throughout Asia, and streaming on multiple online platforms.

About Audiocastle:

Audiocastle is a music and sound company dedicated to providing commercials and integrated campaigns with innovative original music tailored to strengthen the connection between brands and their target markets.

Music crafted by its every-growing curated collective of composers and lyricists is featured in commercials for high-profile companies, such as Patron Tequila, American Express, Microsoft, DHL, Corona, Nature’s Way, Ford, Acuvue, and Dole Food Company.

Robl and Sutta share a passion for composing music for cinema that brings a fresh perspective to branded content. Audiocastle builds on the reputation they’ve earned crafting compelling scores for films such as, ‘Before the Fire,’ ‘Grasshoppers,’ ‘Late Life,’ ‘Uncle John,’ ‘Boniato,’ ‘Omniboat,’ and ‘Poser’ – showcased at prestigious film festivals and currently featured on major streaming services.

Audiocastle’s studios are located in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Nashville.  For more information visit www.audiocastlestudios.com, call (310) 999-5949, or email [email protected].


Brand:  J&J Vision – Acuvue Contact Lenses

Campaign: ‘Be Free, Be You’

Titles: “Be Free Be You /Acuvue 1-Day Oasys,’ ‘Be Free Be You’/ ‘Acuvue Vita’; Lengths: two :60s, six :20s

Platforms: Integrated Campaign: Broadcast, Online Platforms

Advertising Consultancy: Mint MENA: CEO – Joseph Makhoul, Managing Director: Dolly Saidy, Sr. Production Consultant: Diana Jebally, Creative Director: Ali Mokdad

Production Company: Camouflage Productions – Executive Producer: Dania Salha Quaglio, Postproduction Producer: Khalid Jabal,  Director: Marcos Mijan, Cinematographer: Jose Luis Bernal

Music Company: Audiocastle – Miami | NYC | LA | Chicago | Nashville -Composers: Adam Robl, Shawn Sutta Lyricist/Vocalist: Gabriela Ferrer

Recording Studio: Audiocastle

Editorial Company: Cold Cutz – Editor: Neda Zag

Color Correction: Didrik Brathen.

VFX Company: Gimpville – VFX Producer: Torgeir Sanders – VFX Coordinator: Maria Skau,Animator: Vibeke Cleaverley Rodriguez,  Compositors: Mattis Gaston Larsen, Torbjorn Nymark, Carl Tollefsen; Lighting and Render: Asbjorn Jenstad

Audio Postproduction Company:  Soundstruck Studios

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