Audionamix Offering New ADX TRAX Subscription Plans

Pricing Now Includes Unlimited Separation Minutes

LOS ANGELES – Audionamix, the global leader in audio source separation, has introduced new subscription plans for its unique, award-winning ADX TRAX software,  that quickly separates full mixes into two high-quality audio files: vocal and instrumental. The new pricing is designed to meet a variety of project needs, giving the pro audio community several options for utilizing this time-saving tool for speeding up the labor-intensive task of creating vocal isolations and instrumental tracks.

“We received invaluable feedback from early users of ADX TRAX software, and have responded to their request for more subscription flexibility,” says Rick Silva, VP of production at Audionamix. “Whether it’s an artist making his or her first endeavors in audio separation, or an industry professional looking to drastically cut the hours previously logged in separating vocals from melodic instruments, there’s now a plan that fits their needs.”

In an effort to fit a variety of project demands, Audionamix is offering three new subscription models: month-to-month, one full year with monthly payments, and an annual subscription with a big savings incentive. All the plans include:

* Unlimited Separations

* Unlimited Projects

* the ADX TRAX Desktop App

* Unlimited Use of ADX TRAX Refinement Tools

* Vocal Volume Control Functionality

* Proprietary Multi-Algorithmic Processing

* Cloud Processing for Speed and Flexibility

* Unlimited Online Support

* Free Updates to Software and Separation Algorithms

Based on years of research, Audionamix developed the revolutionary, patented ADX Technology, which has been used by the music, film and broadcast industries to solve a wide range of audio challenges over the past decade. Audionamix’s technical expertise in isolating and separating elements from a master recording empowers content owners, engineers, producers, and artists to create original arrangements or unlock media assets for new revenue-generating opportunities.

ADX TRAX puts a piece of the company’s ADX Technology in the hands of the pro audio community. This cloud-based software separates tracks in near real time, making it the world’s first automated source separation solution. The technology is non-destructive, and works with WAV and AIFF files (up to 32 bit and sample rates up to 192kHz), as well as mono and stereo files. ADX TRAX also features intuitive navigation and editing tools in an environment that is familiar to DAW users.

“We continue to make advancements and push the boundaries of audio science,” adds Silva. “TRAX is our first step, and we envision opportunities for more improvements and offerings on the horizon.”

ADX TRAX is designed for MAC OS 10.7 to 10.9.2 only, and is intended for use with owned or licensed content, or content obtained from the public domain, and may not be used to violate any law, including copyright laws.


About Audionamix
Founded in 2008, Audionamix is a global leader in audio source separation. Based on years of research, the company developed the revolutionary, patented ADX Technology and continues to pioneer audio solutions for the film, broadcast and music industries. Audionamix’s technical expertise in isolating and separating elements from a master recording empowers content owners, engineers, producers, and artists to create new arrangements, and unlock television and movie assets for expanded distribution. ADX TRAX is specialized software that utilizes the company’s technology to easily, quickly and effectively isolate vocal elements from its accompanying music track. Located in Los Angeles and Paris, the company’s technology and service offerings provide innovative solutions to a wide range of audio challenges. For more information, visit, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and LinkedIn.

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