Audix & JOBY Showcase their Acclaimed Microphone and Product Solutions for Podcasting at Podcast Movement 2023

At this year’s Podcast Movement (PM) show to be held August 21-24th 2023, Audix and JOBY will be demonstrating a number of their acclaimed solutions ideal for podcasters and social content creators at PM Booth #317. Audix and JOBY, which are part of Videndum plc, demonstrate the group’s continuing commitment to expand the possibilities in technologies and creative solutions for audio professionals and content creators.  With a range of products which include a variety of microphones, headphones, earphones, tripods, mounts, accessories and complete podcast kit solutions, these brands will offer ideal solutions for every podcaster and content creator – from novice to professionals.

Audix, the premiere manufacturer of high-quality microphone solutions for audio professionals,  will be showcasing their new PDX720 Signature Edition professional studio vocal microphone, along with a number of their acclaimed large diaphragm condenser studio quality microphones, including the  A231,  the A131  and the A133 with pad and rolloff. Audix will also feature the VX5 multi-purpose, professional vocal condenser microphone. And as monitoring is a crucial element to audio recording, Audix will be showcasing their high-quality line of earphones and headphones which offer great isolation and superior sound for exceptional listening experiences.

JOBY provides content creators, podcasters, and audio professionals with complete ecosystems for their creative needs – offering end to end solutions for streaming which combine everything from microphones to stands to boom arms to mobile and video products to their customers.  The company will be demonstrating their gateway Wavo POD condenser microphone designed for live-streaming and podcasting, along with its accessories  included in the box, including the Wavo POD Pop Filter,  the Wavo POD Boom Arm pro studio mic arm designed to hold and place mics with ease, great design and the benefit of hiding cables, WAVO USB Adapter. The Wavo LAV Mobile clip on lavalier microphone will also be demonstrated. For smartphones, JOBY will show the  HandyPod 2 tripod for and the GripTight PRO2 Gorilla Pod for smartphones, designed for those who want to record their podcast episodes on the go, directly from their mobile device.  JOBY will also be offering their complete content creation solutions kits which include microphones, tripods and lighting, including the Wavo Compact Studio Creator Kit and Beamo Studio Creator Kit. designed for content creators who want to create video podcasts,  share their episodes on YouTube or any streaming platform and look like a pro in growing their communities.

Over the last decade, the Podcast Movement shows have been the place to bring together and educate active and aspiring podcasters, as well as professionals, to grow the podcast community and serve the podcast industry as a whole. In 2023, the PM shows will welcome thousands of attendees from around the world to the world’s largest gatherings of podcasters. With over 10,000 podcasters over the years attending from more than 25 countries globally, continuing the mission of Podcast Movement for years to come. Register for the Podcast Movement Show in Denver here.

About Audix

Audix began in 1984 and to this day their mission remains unchanged – to design, engineer and manufacture high‐quality microphones for the professional audio, live sound, recording and installation markets. With passion and ingenuity, the company strives to provide their customers with products that exceed expectations. The company’s headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon is home for their research and development team, combined with an in‐house manufacturing facility. From concept to completion, the company prides itself on having high-performing products and a loyal customer base.

About JOBY – Have Fun. Create.

At JOBY we believe in creation as an act of creativity. Since the very first day, when we were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve always designed mounts, cases, lights, stands and grips with a user-centric approach. We’ve always tried to create functional yet playful, innovative yet easy to use products. Today, we keep building our legacy, shaping the content creation world day after day. We’re always there for those who care for what they create, those who always go the extra mile, those who dare to be bold, those who want to leave a mark with their content. And, of course, those who want to have fun along the way. If you’re that kind of creator, we stand by you. Because in the end the world is what we make of it, and together we can make it better – one post, vlog, story at a time.

About Videndum Media Solutions

Videndum Media Solutions is a division of Videndum plc, an international group of companies serving customers in the growing content creation market. Videndum Media Solutions designs, manufactures, and distributes premium branded photographic and video equipment such as tripods; bags; filters; backgrounds; motion control; lights and microphones for professional and hobbyist photographers and video-makers; and content creators. Positioning Videndum Media Solutions as the leading global provider of accessories within the fast-growing digital multi-media content market, the portfolio includes the following premium brands: Audix; Avenger; Colorama; Gitzo; JOBY; Lowepro; Manfrotto; Rycote; Savage and Syrp Lab. All products are distributed on a direct basis in 11 markets across the world through Videndum Media Distribution, as well as many other markets through a network of qualified retail partners.


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