Augustus Color Taps WCPMedia Services to Help “Bent” Soar through Post

WCP LogoCloud-based media management platform used to deliver media to editors, visual effects providers, producers and others involved in international thriller.

Academy Award® winner Bobby Moresco (“Crash”, “Million Dollar Baby”) directed the film from a screenplay he wrote himself, based on characters created by Joseph O’Donnell.  AMBI Media Group principals Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi produced the film with Joseph O’Donnell.

Rome, Italy— 8 May 2017— “Bent” is the latest motion picture production to move its media management to the WCPMedia cloud. Augustus Color, Rome-based Post Production Lab, is using WCPMedia’s platform to deliver dailies and other assets from production locations in Italy to production partners around the globe.

Full dailies sets are delivered to the film’s editorial team following each production day. Select raw assets are sent to visual effects providers. Producers and other stakeholders, meanwhile, are able to review dailies media via password-secure WCPMedia Virtual Screening Rooms. The result is significant time and cost savings, and improved security over the delivery of physical assets.


“WCPMedia streamlines the production workflow by reducing transfer times compared with standard courier delivery—and does so with top level security,” explains Alessandro Pelliccia, General Manager in Augustus Color and Technical Supervisor for this project. “With the same unique upload, we can feed the editorial team and the Virtual Screening Room simultaneously. It’s a beautiful collaboration tool that allows editors and producers to review content and work together as a team from any location.”

Augustus Color plans to use WCPMedia throughout the post-production process to store and share assets, including rough cuts and high-resolution media from visual effects and color grading sessions. “The ability to immediately access media assets from anywhere in the world is a huge benefit for geographically-distributed productions like Bent,” observes Pelliccia. “With WCPMedia all production content is in one, secure place, immediately accessible to authorized parties to view, work with and comment on. It’s the perfect tool for modern film production”.

WCPMedia is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform for storing, managing, sharing, transcoding, viewing and distributing media files quickly and securely. It provides dedicated workflows and functionalities to support the full media life cycle from production and post-production to marketing, promotion and distribution.

WCPMedia allows producers to closely monitor on-set activities, and provides editors with faster access to critical media. The platform employs market-preferred file transfer tools, including Aspera and Signiant, and sophisticated transcoding technology to automatically transcode and deliver media optimized for individual end users.  Both high and low-resolution media can be managed within the platform with a unique easy to use interface.

Additionally, WCPMedia provides unprecedented security and control over assets. Production media is stored via a Swiss data center with Tier IV certification, the same level of security employed by international financial institutions. Access to virtual screening rooms is controlled and tracked directly by the production team with enterprise-level tools for user authorization and authentication.

WCP takes cloud-based digital asset management to the next level. “It provides levels of quality and service that go far beyond other solutions,” notes WCPMedia Services CEO Cristina Molinari. “WCPMedia is flexible and extensible. It can be tailored to the unique needs of the individual client and user. As needs change, it grows and adapts.”

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