For the same price as many professional-grade hardware control panels, Rascular, designers of manual and automated control applications for third-party, professional video technologies, has created ClockWork. This is a simple-to-use, standalone PC-based application that provides both automated time-of-day and full manual video and audio router control across SDI and Newtek NDI®. Clockwork demonstrations will be available in Rascular’s stand 6.C19 at IBC 2018.

This standalone Windows PC application works with video and audio routers from all leading manufacturers with full details, including supported protocols, on the Rascular website.

Roddy Pratt, Technical Director with Rascular, says, “We’ve listened to many customers and the issues they face trying to use either complex automation systems for automated time-of-day routing or, more often, where automation is not an option because of cost or it’s an OB truck or production facility where there is no automation. Customers need to be able to automate switching, and also have manual control, and require a cost-effective, functionally appropriate solution to the problem. ClockWork is the answer.”

Rascular developed ClockWork as a standalone application, with a single licence purchase, making it quick and easy to install and suitable for use in single-router installations. In the SDI domain, it provides cost-effective, automated crosspoint switching for routers of up to 64 inputs and outputs with straightforward application setup thanks to self-contained configuration options.

The combination of ClockWork and RouteMaster, or RouteMaster Lite, also provides simple time-of-day automated routing of NDI streams. NewTek’s royalty free NDI technology allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs, and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.

Because ClockWork supports Rascular’s RouteMaster native websocket-based protocol, ClockWork users can use the full power of RouteMaster-Lite to route signals in the NDI domain. It supports a “virtual” router size of up to 20×20. With RouteMaster, it’s up to a maximum of 64×64.

The application allows operators to schedule switches via an intuitive user interface. These switches can be one-off or scheduled to repeat daily or weekly with router control via TCP/IP or serial ports. Multiple router protocols are supported, with unattended switches able to be scheduled hours or days in advance, as well as automatic daily/weekly repeats. Full manual control is also provided as well as an at-a-glance overview of crosspoint status. ClockWork also works alongside all existing control panels and systems.

Pratt says, “ClockWork has been very carefully designed to be both quick and easy to set up while providing both automated and manual control. It can be used in both a set-and-forget way or at the last minute with its very clear UI.”

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