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@Avid Announces “AvidEverywhere” at #NABShow



Almost 1,100 people from 43 countries at the Bellagio Media Event for Avid – the ballroom is FILLED with recognizable industry people – too many to name!  I’ve been running into old friends and meeting some new ones!  The announcement is coming in a sec…

LHJ Announcing AvidLouis Hernandez Jr (LHJ) has just said: “Welcome and good morning to everybody. Thank you for being part of Avid Connect, the inaugural event of the Avid Customer Association.”

President and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Hernandez, Jr. oversees Avid‘s strategic investments in the product innovation, solutions, and services.  He has been a featured guest on Fox Business, CNBC, ABC News, and Bloomberg TV, where he discussed technology, economics, strategic planning and globalization; in addition, he is the author of two books; Too Small to Fail, how the financial industry crisis changed the world’s perception, and Saving the American Dream.

 “Every aspect of our life is changing and being digitized — from digital music downloads, to smartphones, tablets, video chat, digital wallets, analytics – our world is undergoing tremendous change – And our industry is changing as well – digital editing, digital distribution, HD, 3D, 4K, 8K.” states Hernandez.

Of course, he’s talking about the way the Cloud is changing the way the media industry not only manages and delivers digital content, but how it’s created, as well.  More and more of the “big players” are providing their software online, rather than as PC-based programs.  The big sell – you don’t have to have it or worry about its updates… the bad part – you need the Internet to use it.  The trade-off is a difficult one to decide.phpkmE1hA_thumb_image

When it comes down to it, its the cost effectiveness that matters.  No more having to wait for the media to be put onto a deliverable format to get to the computers for updating; upgrades are instant, and not even the responsibility of the user anymore!  This IS the future, after all!

“Distribution has never been more complex, states Hernandez. “The number of channels, devices, markets, re-purposing assets, rights management—it’s not like it used to be. We can make this better too.”

Digitizing the industry is the most important upgrade that can occur – but it has to happen throughout and, arguably, it has to happen as close to simultaneously as possible.  some can’t work in the Cloud while others do not – it just is not an efficient way to handle a workflow.

“Imagine a world where every aspect of this new value chain I discussed happens on one single, common, integrated platform,” Hernandez explains.  “And that every one of Avid‘s thousands of customers shares this common platform – it all begins on the Avid MediaCentral Platform.  You can then have applications that solve unique business needs but don’t waste time on things that can be done by the platform. No different than your smartphone and applications. The platform will then accommodate applications that do everything from create content to consumption of the asset.”

Avid Application suite Chart

The Avid MediaCentral Platform consists of many different applications in the suite. No assets ever go into the cloud – only the tools are there – and you still have the old-fashioned way of acquiring them for your own computer systems.

 Avid Choices

The Media Suite includes modules for media management for each phase of the value chain, spanning content creation through distribution and monetization, all in a secure environment.  Everything you need to make the most of your assets.  The Storage Suite allows connection to any third-party storage or the Avid storage in one place, with the ability to search for all assets on the platform as if they are in the same place.  

“Marketplaces can be private or public,” states Hernandez. “Any asset used by another media company on the platform will experience it as though it were their own — all the licensing, tagging, protection and formatting applies because it’s the same platform we are all using. It’s the power of bringing this community together, all working off the same platform. All creative people, all distribution elements, coming together as one.”
Avid Everwhere Platform 2
This Avid product is very awesome!  The more I see how it works, the more impressed I am with it!  If you are reading this from NAB Show Floor, you MUST stop in to the Avid Booths (S232LMR, S233LMR, SU902) and check-out this amazing product!!!

The product is revolutionary!  It’s just freaking amazing!!!  I can’t say enough about it!  I think I’m more of an Avid fan now than ever! 



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