Avid’s TD Control: State of the Art Video Wall Management


Avid Technology, based in Massachusetts, was founded in 1987 and emerged, even then, as a visionary leader when they began to lead the world in non-linear editing. For the past two and a half decades, Avid Technology has been providing cutting edge tools to create, store, distribute, manage and monetize content. Avid has been the recipient of numerous technology and industry awards and the company holds over 200 patents. Avid Technology has also taken home two Academy Awards, a Grammy Award and an astonishing 14 Emmy Awards.

Avid Technology’s TD Control is bringing startling innovation to the control and management of high resolution studio displays. Rich media can now be added to any display – Even those with 3D real time graphics as well as multiple images and video clips that may have different resolutions, aspect ratios, sizes or orientations. In addition, TD Control allows users to take firm control of their video walls, as well as being able to enhance their broadcasts, like never before.


Here are just some of the advanced enhancements and advantages to TD Control:

  • Complete management and control of your video wall means your production value will get a noticeable boost and enhancement and will be clearly evident in your broadcasts.
  • TD Control now brings broadcasters the ability to manage multiple screens at the same time and by just one operator.
  • Display your outputs at up to 16x the size of your HD-SDI video outputs and be able to go up to 8x the size of your 1080 outputs. Your hi-res formats can be displayed across all inputs and outputs including SD, HD, Ultra HD, 4K and 3G.
  • TD Control’s built-in up/down converter saves your bottom line – Additional devices are no longer needed on the production side! There is also an internal two frame delay on all processing so that your deferrals are sharply minimized.
  • An additional feature includes a program/feature preview that allows for all of your content to be monitored before playout.


In 2013, The Weather Channel, an Atlanta-based company, was seeking to improve production workflow decided to re-design their studios and infrastructure systems by designing a state of the art video wall to cover many parts of the country simultaneously.

The Weather Channel’s  Operations Director of Broadcast Engineering, Michael Smereski, shares his TD Control story.

“We were looking for a solution that would be capable of managing a large number of video walls,” said Smereski. “But they were not straightforward displays. The redesign called for walls with various overlapping aspect ratios – and often odd- sizes, and diverse resolutions. The operations of those walls would be very complex and, at the time, there was no single solution that we knew of to manage and display content effectively.”

“By chance,” Smereski stated, ” I got a demo of TD Control and realized that this could be the solution to handle our scenarios with high resolution and high quality. No matter the orientation of the images in the video wall or the various aspect ratios, some side by side, some four by four, others eight by eight; we could still achieve the result using just a single operator thanks to TD Control.”

“TD Control is a holistic system,” said Smereski, “That can handle our entire, and sometimes highly complicated, production environment. Without the (TD Control) system, we would have ended up with a very inefficient and painful setup.”

Avid Technology’s revolutionary TD Control system is quickly becoming the go-to system for the control and management of video walls regardless of size or complexity. For more information, visit:

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