At Mediatech Africa 2015, AVIWEST, a global technology provider of video hybrid contribution systems, will demonstrate new enhancements to its Digital Mobile News Gathering (DMNG) system, which has been widely deployed by tier-1 broadcasters in Africa.

AVIWEST’s advanced live video contribution platform enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks, including bonded 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, making it the ideal solution for use in the African market where cellular networks continue to grow.

Offering seamless integration into existing workflows and headends, extremely low power consumption, high MTBF, and unparalleled mobility, the DMNG system offers broadcasters a fully integrated and cloud-based solution for breaking news and live events coverage.

Key Product Introductions and Demos

DMNG Studio
AVIWEST will showcase a new version of its DMNG Studio server at Mediatech Africa 2015 that is capable of receiving incoming streams from DMNG video uplink systems as well as third-party products, such as IP cameras, through a variety of protocols such as RTP, RTSP, TS over UDP, HLS, and RTMP. The new Linux(R)-based DMNG Studio supports multiple output formats and allows for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video distribution.

Leveraging the DMNG Studio system, broadcasters can input video signals from the studio mixer and stream to the cloud, making the solution a central video hub and interface rather than just a receiver.

The DMNG Studio is compatible with all AVIWEST live video transmission solutions, including the DMNG PRO series, DMNG RACK180, and the DMNG APP. Through the application’s intuitive user interface, users can easily manage a fleet of remote transmitters and dynamically create live broadcast shows by interacting with remote journalists and selecting the stream to publish on air. The application is available in a variety of configurations to fit unique needs and headend constraints.

DMNG APP — Now Available for Android(TM) and iOS-Based Smartphones
At Mediatech Africa 2015, AVIWEST will demonstrate the DMNG APP, which turns any smartphone into a live broadcast video camera. Designed with ease of use in mind, the DMNG APP allows any Android(TM) or iOS-based smartphone user to transmit video content in just seconds. Using the DMNG APP, video professionals can stream high-quality, live video content via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G-LTE networks (even bonding both together for higher bandwidth, coverage, and reliability) or transmit prerecorded video files from anywhere in the world to the DMNG Studio receiver. Fully integrated into the DMNG ecosystem, the application can be remotely controlled through AVIWEST’s DMNG Manager, enabling organizations to effectively manage a large fleet of smartphones.

Enhanced Capabilities for DMNG PRO
Specially Designed Backpack
AVIWEST recently launched a specially designed backpack for the DMNG PRO video uplink system, which will be on display at Mediatech Africa 2015. The backpack is ideal for broadcasters utilizing the DMNG PRO with a handheld camera. The DMNG PRO system can also be mounted on the camera. Using the versatile backpack solution, which can be worn on the back or front, in-the-field news crews are able to carry all of their gear with ease.

Integration With Cobham’s EXPLORER 710 BGAN Terminal
The latest DMNG PRO now comes standard with an exciting new integration with Cobham’s EXPLORER 710 BGAN terminal, an ultra-portable satellite antenna. When used during satellite transmission, the Cobham antenna provides real-time information about the satellite‘s available bit rate, enabling the DMNG PRO to compress video content accordingly to ensure superior video quality.

Enhanced Performance and New Functions
In addition to general enhancement of system performance, several new functions have been added to the DMNG PRO system. A new roaming function supporting international SIM cards has been added, allowing the user to select the operator that the SIM will be connected to, gaining increased flexibility. A new, low-frame-rate feature has also been added to the DMNG PRO, which is especially beneficial for low-bit-rate streaming.

DMNG Manager
AVIWEST will demonstrate new cloud-based capabilities for the DMNG Manager at Mediatech Africa 2015. The DMNG Manager is an innovative server application that enables broadcasters and video professionals to monitor and manage an entire fleet of DMNG equipment including DMNG transmitters, smartphones using the DMNG APP, and DMNG Studio receivers.

Through a unified, Web-based user interface, which can be installed through either a cloud-based application or a headend solution, operators can easily allocate resources and route live video content for transmission over 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite networks. The DMNG Manager also includes geolocation capabilities for easy identification of the exact location of each transmission.

Company Overview:

AVIWEST is a global provider of video contribution systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular and satellite networks. Headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, France, AVIWEST offers broadcasters cost-effective, reliable, and mobile video solutions specifically designed to respond to the challenges of remote live newsgathering. The company’s flagship digital mobile newsgathering solution has been chosen by tier-1 broadcasters in more than 60 countries for breaking news and live events coverage.

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