Backbone Radio: The Anywhere Radio Solution!

So, you always said that you wanted to have your own radio broadcast. Ideally, it would be as simple as a plug and play set-up and you wanted your station to be mobile- say one day in Wichita and the next in Kansas City. All you want to bring on the road is your laptop and microphone- Well, now you can! Backbone radio is making online radio broadcasting so simple and absolutely mobile! With their powerful cloud based automation and production control software- it handles content storage, 24/7 scheduling, syndication, and much more. Backbone’s distribution partners include iHeart,, and TuneIn– so your wonderful voice and program can be heard on devices around the world!

Backbone covers all of our listening communities from College Radio to Public Radio to Talk Radio to Sports Radio, to you name it! What’s really cool is that Backbone radio provides the ability to aggregate your content across a large region improving your station to serve its audience anywhere on the map! The cloud based application has no drain on facility bandwidth- so all you need is a standard Internet connection and your Mac (like that cafe down the street). The Backbone library (digital assets) stores your shows, songs, and other audio clips- they are ingested, annotated, backed up, grouped, and maintained so when your not on- you still engage your audience with pre-recorded material which is scheduled by you Ala the Backbone auto-rotation software.

With Backbone you can join or create a network- meaning any number of stations with congruent goals may form a network “in the cloud”, with the objective of combining the collective information and joining a common purpose for the listener! Your station can receive syndicated content from third party content providers affiliated with your Network, and provide content to your library! Another really cool option is the Listener Interactivity- your radio show can receive callers with no extra equipment there are no studio phone switches, no expensive multi-line or added phone lines- just in your head-set and your on the air talking to your audience! (Wow- that great phone system in the cloud!)

So checkout this awesome interview with Broadcast Beats’ very own Jeff Adams interviewing George Capalbo CTO of Backbone Networks!

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Matthew has worked in both the private sector and in higher education for over 25 years. He specializes in the areas of digital media project management, broadcast engineering and media production. Matthew has extensive knowledge in digital post production, digital asset management, digital cinema production, and broadcast facility integration. Mr. Harchick actively researches state of the art broadcast, cutting edge digital cinema and smart audio visual technologies for client implementation and is available for your consultation needs.

Matt and his family currently reside in the Washington, D.C metro area.
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