BCNEXXT NAB 2024 Showcase Brings Massive Savings and Efficiencies to Playout Operations

BCNEXXT is showcasing the future of playout operations at NAB 2024 with the cloud-native solution, Vipe at the IABM lounge W236LMR (Level 2). Reducing operational costs by as much as 60% with an incredible 99.9999% uptime, Vipe is a cloud-native software-only solution designed to streamline and expedite the deployment of fully automated linear (including live), OTT, FAST, Streaming and VOD channels. Vipe combines the multiple silos that content owners and distributors typically have in place today, drastically simplifying media supply chains, reducing operator-to-channel ratio and enabling organizations to quickly deploy new channels without the upfront costs.

Customers who have made the move to the transformative Vipe distribution platform include Encompass, OVERON, and Sky.  

“Vipe makes playout an integral part of the media supply chain. It’s a holistic view of distribution that significantly reduces complexity and costly duplication,” states Graham Sharp, CEO of BCNEXXT, Inc. “By handling versioning, conducting QC ahead of time, and assembling content into the final distribution format, Vipe enables broadcasters to centralize playout operations on a single, cloud-based platform operated from a unified dashboard with an industry-leading 99.9999% uptime.”

Offering unparalleled flexibility, market-leading reliability, full customization, and remote operations, Vipe is a revolutionary platform that disrupts traditional playout operations. It can be deployed across public and private cloud platforms as well as on-premises. With its  highly optimized compute usage, Vipe ensures lower-energy consumption leading to more sustainable operations. To learn more about the Vipe playout workflow, please visit

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