Beer-Soaked Knight In Shining Armor Rides Through AlphaDogs

(Burbank, California–February 26, 2014) Burbank-based AlphaDogs announced they have completed post services for the new romantic comedy “Pacoima Can Wait.” The story follows the adventures of self-destructive Nigel Waferhouse who through his humiliating calamities discovers he can still be a knight, even if it’s in beer-soaked shining armor. The film will screen later this year at film festivals across the country.

Uncertain there was anything that could be done to make the audio sound better, filmmaker Rob Roy Cesar brought Pacoima Can Wait to AlphaDogs upon the recommendation of a fellow film composer. Audio is an extremely important element in the filmmaking process, but many times does not receive the attention it deserves due to budget constraints or inexperienced audio engineers who may lack the skills in making a movie sound its absolute best. While it’s easy to stay focused on just the picture element, a film without quality audio can make even the best picture look bad. Upon meeting the AlphaDogs team, Cesar’s concerns with the audio were put at ease. “I was greeted by a very friendly environment, said Cesar. Everyone was not only very knowledgeable, but enthusiastic. I felt extremely confident that they would be able to fix the problems I was facing with the film’s audio.”

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