Belar to Launch Low-Cost Versions of Flagship Modulation Monitors at 2016 NAB Show

New versions of HDRadio and All-In-One monitors emphasize remote monitoring capability of Belar WizWin software, removing front panel interface while retaining key functionality

West Chester, PA, April 6, 2016 Belar Electronics will come to the 2016 NAB Show with new low-cost versions of its flagship HD Radio and All-in-One modulation monitors, accentuating the remote monitoring capability of its WizWin software. At 40 percent lower in price and half the size, the new FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite pack all the monitoring power and extensive feature sets of its siblings for RF engineers that prefer remote access over front-panel management.

The 1RU versions, which ship this summer, eliminate the front panel user interface while retaining all pertinent meters, alarms and enhanced monitoring features. This includes Belar’s unique Automatic Delay Correction software for flexibly managing HD Diversity Delay; automated, multichannel scanning of FM and HD Radio stations; and enhanced WizWin graphing to display up to 24 hours of monitoring data. The latter is also new this year at NAB, extending the window that broadcasters can access and review historical performance and compliance data from its previous 30-minute limit. Graphical options include dynamic histograms and raw value tables, providing both immediate evidence of performance; and detailed insight into trends over time.


Belar’s WizWin software has long enabled IP connectivity for remote monitoring, and the FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite rely almost exclusively on that capability. According to Mark Grant, Belar Electronics’ CEO, the reliance on IP connectivity over on-site management is indicative of industry trends and changing preferences of RF engineers.

“Almost every significant RF component today is accessible from the studio, an office or even from home,” said Grant. “Engineering visits to RF plants happen less frequently, and there is little point in driving out to sites daily or weekly to adjust your processor, mod monitor and transmitter. These new monitors give engineers a less expensive option without losing features and sacrificing performance.”

The reliance on remote monitoring is also useful for very remote, difficult-to-access transmitter sites; as well as single-frequency transmitter networks with multiple translator or repeater locations. For latter scenarios, WizWin’s IP connectivity reduces travel time and costs for engineers responsible for monitoring and maintaining multiple RF sites.

Regardless of the transmission architecture, users have full access to all modulation readings, spectrums, HD Radio Data, and subcarrier information found in each unit’s bigger brother. The FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite also provide the same e-mail and relay alarming as the traditional versions to immediately alert engineers of critical issues.

Belar will demonstrate the FMCS-1 Lite, FMHD-1 Lite and new WizWin historical graphing capability at Booth N3730. The new monitors being shipping in June, while all WizWin software enhancements are available in the main FMCS-1 and FMHD-1 monitors immediately.

About Belar Electronics

Founded in 1964, Belar Electronics Laboratory, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of modulation monitors. Used by radio and TV stations globally to monitor broadcast signals, Belar products are world-renowned for accuracy and reliability. These benefits are also recognized worldwide by manufacturers of transmitters and audio processors, which regularly rely on Belar monitors as test instruments to ensure their products meet specifications.  Contact Belar at (610)-687-5550 or visit them on the web at


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