‘Best kept secret’ Livelink allows users to bypass traditional infrastructure


Gosport, Hampshire, February 6, 2019: Cerberus Tech is offering its customers the opportunity to bypass traditional infrastructure with Livelink. Faster and cheaper, it’s the flexible alternative for delivering your live content.

From news segments to sports coverage, special events or on-location activity, the world is demanding live content. Time-sensitive, it needs to be delivered the moment it happens to extract maximum value.

Livelink is an internet-based product that is designed to move your most valuable live content from source to destination without relying on expensive traditional infrastructure services. It’s great for occasional use, where you may need a link for anything from 15 minutes to three days, since it can be set up in minutes and doesn’t require physical infrastructure, such as satellite trucks. It’s also significantly more cost-effective when compared to leasing short-term fibre connections. Add an always on open-ended booking and now it doesn’t matter if you overrun.

Chris Clarke, CEO of Cerberus, commented, “We love the thrill of delivering live TV because it’s hugely rewarding to achieve something that complex. With Livelink, we overcome the challenges of live broadcast with ease, moving content from where it’s happening into production within a 1-second delay globally.”

Cerberus boasts some impressive clients, delivering content for public service broadcasters, pan-European telecommunications conglomerates, the UK’s oldest commercial network and feature film productions to name a few.

“IP is a hot topic at the moment,” continued Chris. “But rather than just add to the hype, we actually have a product that’s being used and proving its worth. Our customers constantly tell us we’re the industry’s best kept secret because Livelink hits the same delivery destinations as satellite and fibre, but it’s faster, cheaper and a more flexible alternative. The return is immediate.”

Cerberus is currently developing enhancements to Livelink for the TV and film industry that will allow instant access to video on set from anywhere. Using their personal devices, producers and directors can securely access Livelink to review content before it hits the editing suite and provide real-time feedback.

Cerberus will be showcasing Livelink on stand F46 at BVE, the UK’s leading broadcast, production and media tech event, on the 26-28 February.

Chris concluded, “BVE is going to be really exciting for Cerberus because we finally get to talk about the next generation Livelink, which includes a hosted platform. Until now, our customers have called us to make a booking, but with the new platform, they can manage everything online themselves. It will be an even faster and more flexible process – which is exactly what you need when it comes to live video.”


About Cerberus Tech

Based in Hampshire, UK, Cerberus Tech’s clients are major global players in TV, film and live events. Whether it’s a public service broadcaster, a pan-European telecommunications conglomerate, the oldest commercial network in the UK, senior Hollywood producers or the latest live streaming from Silicon Valley, the need is always the same, reliable and flexible delivery of great content.

Providing contribution and distribution services, Cerberus Tech has a proven, Internet-based platform and is changing the way that content stakeholders from broadcasters to studio executives share and move live content:

  • Network 1: The reliable, flexible, cost effective alternative to fibre and satellite that’s fast to set up and can be used as the primary method of distribution, or as backup.
  • Livelink: The ideal IP based solution designed to move valuable live content from source to destination without reliance on traditional infrastructure.
  • Livelink App: Used by studio executives and creatives to retain control and direction of their production by being ‘on set’ from wherever they are in the world.

Cerberus Tech offers the modern way to distribute content, clients are supported by flexible packages, which provide the right level of coverage to match customer expectation.

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