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Better Communication Solutions To Highlight IPtec, Inc.’s 2020 NAB Show Exhibit



If the 2020 NAB show could have a theme to define it, then communication would be a perfect fit. The 2020 NAB Show is not only the ultimate media event. It is also a global gathering that exceeds an attendee estimate of over 90,000 guests from all layers of the broadcast/entertainment industry. That’s right. Whether the attendees come from a content, technology, or entertainment background, the event succeeds in bringing together the most forward and innovative thinking people from an industry that very much thrives on the idea of communication, which itself is evolving as it continues to help expand the technological applications that create greater outreach between other companies.

Companies such as IPtec Inc. tackle the subject of communication and they enhance it through using network solutions. IPtec Inc. has been around for over 75 years, and in that time, the company has used its collective industry experience along with its unique qualifications in key technologies and business management to establish itself as a leader by providing revolutionary access and network solutions for evolving communication technologies.

IPtec Inc.’s technology expertise includes:

  • PDH, SONET/SDH, ATM, IP, IEEE 802.11 & WiMax Networking
  • Fiber Optical, Wire-line & Wireless Transport Medias
  • Video & Audio processing, compression, transmission, and switching
  • Analog/Digital Signal Conversion
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  • Power Conversion & Management
  • Transmission of timing-sensitive services such as Voice, Video & Telemetry
  • Cost-effective end-to-end System Design


IPtec Inc. Solutions



The main focus of IPtec Inc. centers around categories which include:


The broadcast and video production industry benefits greatly from IPtec Inc.’s solutions such as

These solutions scale-up in video quality up to 10-bit 4:2:2 at low latency. They also support both MPEG-2 and H.264 compression standards, including AVC-I 100 intra-frame only encoding, as well as transmission of uncompressed video and audio data.





IPtec Inc.’s solutions for the medical industry enable the transmission of live as well as non-real-time video data of medical procedures for hospitals and clinics as well as:

IPtec Inc.’s solutions preserve the smallest image details while minimizing transmission bandwidth overhead through efficient compression. For real-time, the company’s solutions enable ultra-high video quality and ultra-low latency over fiber optical links.





IPtec Inc. has high VQ encoders that enable sophisticated and intelligent video surveillance and homeland security applications, which include:

IPtec Inc.’s solutions use high-definition and high-fidelity video compression at low bit rates and low latencies. These solutions also actively utilize uncompressed, latency-free video data over fiber optical links that are enhanced with telemetry data for advanced surveillance requirements.





The IPtec Inc. solutions that focus on the military industry tackle a wide range of applications using both video and audio data transmissions that include:

Using efficient compression IPtec Inc. solutions can reduce transmission bandwidth requirements while simultaneously preserving important image details and low latency. In real-time, and much like the medical industry, these solutions enable uncompressed video data transmission at ultra-low latency over fiber optical links.





IPtec Inc.’s industrial solutions use powerful telemetry features that cover a wide range of industrial applications. These applications include such as

  • Mining
  • Oil exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics operations
  • Powerplant operations

Among the compelling features of Iptec Inc.’s telemetry products are low latency, flexible I/O and full SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) support over IP links.

Learn more about IPtec Inc.’s solutions by visiting www.iptec-inc.com/solutions.html.


ABOUT 2020 NAB Show



IPtec Inc.’s founding principles base themselves on technology leadership and customer success. These same principles have undoubtedly aided the company in delivering the most innovative and reliable solutions for evolving communication technologies. It comes as no surprise when it comes to a company that offers high quality/cost-effective products for vital communication services over IP networks. It is this same standard of dedication that will help IPtec Inc.’s exhibit stand out at the 2020 NAB Show.

Communication is a foundation that involves more than a simple conversation between individuals, or even groups for that matter. Communication is a foundation that must continue to grow in order for it to be far more effective for the very industry’s that live and breathe through its use. Technology has played a vital role in elevating both the scale and reach of how far people, groups, and organizations can establish more sophisticated forms of contact. IPtec Inc. has done this in its commitment to technological excellence through the design of products and solutions that meet and exceed a customer’s requirements.

Visit the IPtec Inc. exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU13006.

For more information visit, nabshow.com/2020/.

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