Big Cable Meets the Millennials

The great divide between generations for media indulgence is certainly emerging. The Millennial generation (just like my six year old son who is a Generation Z’er- the ones after the Millennials- for example) is addicted to watching their favorite shows anytime and practically anyplace.  Netflix and YouTube rule my internet bandwidth at home for streaming the latest cartoons, children shows and those short films made by inspiring filmmakers who post on “The Tube” (as my son calls it).  In what seems like a flash in time, gone are the days of waiting for your favorite news program to begin broadcasting  with ABC’s Frank Reynolds or Peter Jennings at the helm being displayed on a tube television not “The Tube”. The “fast food” mentality of,  I want it here and now- will only progress to push “big cable” to make more moves like the one we just witnessed yesterday (January 6th, 2015). In a partnership with Dish Network, 12 major cable stations including CNN and ESPN will now stream their programs on a $20-per-month service called Sling TV their slogan “Take Back TV”! Sling TV includes live access to ESPN and ESPN2, as well as a couple of other cable networks, including Disney Channel, ABC Family, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, TNT, CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. This is absolutely huge news for many, if not, most people (aka: Cord Cutters)who are tired of paying big money for cable packages just because their favorite station (like ESPN) is linked- (Yeah, it’s apart of your basic package for some cable providers, but it still costs around $90.00 a month). So, really- Why would you pay $90-per month when you can rid yourself from that ball and chain?!

Many feel that ESPN has been (for the lack of a better word) a “linchpin” for the cable empire. Now with the Millennial generation already watching close to 44% of their media on the internet- meaning that the average median age of people watching television are now close to 45 years old, according to the 2014 findings from Moffett Nathanson Reasearch

The simple fact is many people are finding better ways to watch media then by signing a service agreement plan and having home cable installations from your local “price gouging” cable provider. Another interesting note,  is that 1 in 4 Millennials have either cut the cord to cable or never had it in the first place! Nearly 30% are between the ages of 18 and 34. Does this mean the inevitable “Cable Famine of 2025” is quickly approaching?! Sling TV will launch before the end of January 2015, and is already in private beta test with select customers. What is also super cool, is consumers will also be able to add additional packages, which  include  news programming, family content and sports, for five dollars each. WOW- Hey Big Cable—listen to this: “Ala Carte” options for the consumer!?!

Just recently, this past September 2014, ESPN President John Skipper said “I’m not sure you’re going to go to Google to watch the Rose Bowl”….Now, in my best Jack Nicholson voice: ….”Well now,  Mr. Cable Provider…. I’ll just watch my ESPN on the Internet, Thank you very much!”

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