BirdDog Announces Central Pro 2.0 Now Shipping with Free Upgrade for Existing Users

BirdDog Central 2.0 Ushers in New Era of NDI Routing Control with Browser-BasedSupport, Smart Grouping of NDI Receivers, Real-Time NDI Routing, Media Playback Engine and Support for Thousands of Sources 

BirdDog ( today announced global availability of Central Pro 2.0 with a free upgrade for all existing Central Pro 1.0 users.

BirdDog Central 2.0 is the industry’s first browser-based NDI routing management software that delivers SSO support, smart grouping of NDI receivers, real-time NDI routing, a powerful media playback engine, and support for thousands of sources.

BirdDog Central 2.0 makes routing NDI video across the network easy; users simply select a source, a destination device or group, and hit ‘connect.’ And since Central Pro 2.0 is browser-based, users can quickly and easily access the NDI network from wherever they may be, providing a powerful, decentralized solution for managing complex broadcasts anywhere in the world.

Additional key features of BirdDog Central 2.0 include:

  • Smart Grouping: Users can group NDI decoders together to easily manage content distribution to multiple receivers; 
  • Browser-Based, Decentralized Control: Central 2.0 is browser based so users can access anywhere on the network from wherever they may be in the world; 
  • NDI Routing in 3 clicks: At its core Central 2.0 is an NDI routing application. Route NDI video across the network easily by selecting a source, a destination device or group, and hitting ‘connect.’ 
  • Video Preview Windows: Video previews allow interactive browser based monitoring and switching of sources, making Central 2.0 an ideal option for pre-switching sources on large events and live shows;
  • Powerful, ‘Light” Media player: The built-in media player uses a measurably low amount of CPU power, regardless if playing a file back once or looping 24/7. The Media Player feature achieves this by pre-rendering sources to NDI so when they are played back they are already natively NDI;  
  • NDI Audio Re-Insertion: Select any NDI video source and join it with a separate audio source to create a new mix. The feature is ideal for creating sub mixes for distribution in venue or remotely via BirdDog Cloud and works seamlessly with BirdDog Dante NDI Bridge software;

Pricing and Availability

BirdDog Central 2.0 is available in three versions, and are priced as follows:

  • Central Lite: Free Download (Available Q4)
  • Central Pro: $299.00 USD (Available immediately)
  • Central Enterprise: $1,995.00 USD (Available 2023)

For more detailed information on the new BirdDog Central 2.0 update, or to learn about its entire lineup of NDI® workflow solutions, please visit


About BirdDog

BirdDog is a global video technology company that enhances the quality, speed, and flexibility of video through a range of solutions, augmented with NDI® (Network Device Interface). This enables video-compatible products to communicate, deliver and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality, low-latency manner, that is frame accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment. End users of BirdDog’s products cover a wide range of market segments, including Professional Video, Broadcast, Audio Visual and large private and public sector organizations. BirdDog listed on the Australian Stock Exchange 20 December 2021 (ASX ticker code: BDT). For more information, visit

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