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Bitcentral Will Showcase Oasis Asset Management System At 2020 NAB Show Exhibit



Every content creator operating within the broadcasting industry understands that the value of good content is measured in the value of the programming implemented in its presentation. High-quality content isn’t a rare gem to be discovered, but that goes differently for something as unique as high-quality programming. A creator’s content must not only embody the sort of artistic and creative sophistication the 2020 NAB Show welcomes and encourages. A creator’s content must also have the right tools supporting it. That is where the software company Bitcentral comes into the game. This year, at the 2020 NAB Show, Bitcentral will be an exhibitor, where they will showcase some of their efficient media workflows and customized solutions to the 90,000 broadcast professionals attending the annual event.


About Bitcentral



Since it was founded in 2000, Bitcentral has operated as a software company dedicated to providing customers with efficient media workflows and customized solutions in order to help maximize the value of video content. Several of Bitcentral’s solutions include Core News™, FUEL™, and Central Control™.

Bitcentral’s Core News™ solution is the No. 1 news production platform in the United States. It reaches millions every day. Central Control™ provides a flexible toolset for master control operation. It has modules that execute all the processes that converge into play out. FUEL™ is Bitcentral’s most innovative and industry-changing Linear on Demand™ streaming solution, which creates an easy path to new digital revenue. More than 1,000 broadcast operations worldwide rely on Bitcentral’s news production and master control automation software and with FUEL™, they’re capable of targeting and delivering personalized content across digital platforms (OTT, web, apps, mobile devices), social media and syndication.


Bitcentral‘s OASIS Management System



Along with Bitcentral’s customized solutions, the OASIS asset management system allows users to contribute from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices by using a secure managed file transfer system. The complete Oasis asset management system is securely shared across all authorized stations. It is also available to field users for uploading or downloading content to aid in their remote story production.

The key features of the OASIS asset management system include:

  • It allows web, tablet and mobile use with a fully HTML-5 compliant user interface
It provides an integrated accelerated HTTP transfer App with parallel processing upload/download capabilities to get through weak/interference ridden mobile internet connections
Has field centric workflows that enable reporters the chance to deliver field produced stories into the newsroom NRCS for quick go to air abilities, that come directly from the field
  • It makes search functionalities more simple using a unified search engine that facilitates speedy results across all raw clips while working in progress and the complete archive of every station in the sharing group
  • It facilitates access and efficient management of all the MAM assets, and it does this without ever leaving the NRCS system

Learn more about the OASIS management system by visiting bitcentral.com/product/oasis/?utm_source=nabweb.


About Bitcentral‘s 2020 NAB Show Exhibit



When the 2020 NAB Show is honored with the title of “the ultimate media event of the year,” then any claims of an exaggeration can be tossed aside. This April, thousands upon thousands of broadcast professionals from all over the digital ecosystem will be flocking to the Las Vegas Convention Center as part of a global event that works to expand both the broadcast industry as well as the scope of knowledge that fuels and further inspires the very individuals that help make it an industry of technological sophistication and creative development. With many content creators, the style and the meaning of their content are vital if not critical to the way in which they market and monetize themselves. At the same time, having the right presentation method is just as important, and the high-quality programming provided by a software solution provider like Bitcentral helps alleviate that essential need. The 2020 NAB Show will begin April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Visit the Bitcentral exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU2610.

For more information, visit nabshow.com/2020/.



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