Bitcentral’s Media Workflows Help Content Creators Tell More Engaging Stories


In the world of digital media, the need for content is growing, and the management of it is becoming more demanding. That goes for double for the content creators who strive not only in telling the most engaging stories but also in garnering an audience that fits in line with the main message of their brand. Bitcentral is a specialist in the field of media workflows and customized solutions that help video content achieve its maximum value. In fact, several of the company’s products have proven to be most efficient when helping content creators in the broadcast industry in creating incredible if not visually encapsulating video content.


About Bitcentral




For over two decades, Bitcentral has provided efficient media workflows and customized solutions to broadcasters who want to improve the value of their video content. This software company’s Core News solution is the No. 1 news production platform in the U.S., reaching millions every day. Another solution, Central Control provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all the processes that converge into a playout.  FUEL, is Bitcentral’s most innovative and industry-changing Linear on Demand.

Over 1,000 global broadcast operations depend on Bitcentral’s news production and master control automation software. And with the help of FUEL, they now have the ability to target and deliver personalized content across digital platforms such as OTT, web, apps, mobile devices, as well as social media and syndication.

Several of Bitcentral‘s features solutions include:

  • News Production
  • Master Control & Automation
  • Digital & OTT


Bitcentral‘s Product Line



From the year 2000 and following, Bitcentral has proven to be a leading software company with the capability of developing products that help broadcast professionals better manage the workflows behind their content. Several of these products include:

  • Prism
  • Oasis
  • MultiPath
  • Central Control
  • Fuel





Bitcentral’s Prism operates a flexible NRCS platform with the ability to connect journalists, producers, and directors to the stories that need to be told. This platform enables collaboration in the newsroom throughout the production process. And this collaboration includes the publishing of content beyond a traditional audience’s distaste regarding the web and social media. The flexible architecture behind Prism enables clients internal to the newsroom and across a WAN connection to contribute to stories as they develop. Prism is presented in a modular platform, and its features can be easily added to address any growing newsroom concerns.

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Bitcentral’s Oasis asset management system functions as a securely managed file transfer system that allows users to contribute from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices in order to tell the most engaging and compelling stories. The major benefit of Oasis comes from the demand for unique high-quality programming, which has never been so fierce, and it has resulted in the creation and distribution of more compelling stories at a much faster rate than ever before. The Oasis asset management system is securely shared across all authorized stations and is also available to field users for uploading or downloading content to aid in their remote story production.

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Bitcentral’s MultiPath is specifically made as an Oasis MAM upgrade module. MultiPath’s video digital distribution system integrates with Bitcentral’s full suite of news production tools, which allows for broadcasting platforms to grow beyond traditional standards. Bitcentral’s MultiPath allows for everything to be brought together in one module that provides a full view of the complete media publishing process. After a publishing event has been created, a structured and intuitive interface guides the user in selecting and managing multiple publishing output events, targeting OVP’s, CMS, and social media accounts.

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Central Control



Central Control is a comprehensive and fully integrated master control and automation software. It provides a modular design toolset that executes all processes that converge into a playout that streamlines operators’ efforts without compromising the ease of use. This software provides users with full linear channels, and that includes traffic integration, media asset or storage management, offline playlist scheduling, program cataloging, media editing/versioning, system monitoring and reporting, syndicated content processing, and automated feed recording. It’s basically a much more efficient workflow for broadcasters to use.

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Coming back to FUEL, this digital streaming and monetization solution has the longest session duration in the marketplace. It generates ten times the ad impressions for audience owners, content providers, and advertisers. And no other streaming platform delivers a more lean back, engaging experience equal to that of FUEL, which powers dynamic channels in a cloud-based platform with features that include joining in progress, cold open, the ability to insert live content, and no pre-rolls that turn away viewers. The solutions Ads are unaffected by ad blockers, and they are seamlessly inserted into a brand-safe stream of content that viewers enjoy watching regardless of time and place, and across all platforms.

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Why Broadcasters Should Go With Bitcentral



Any broadcast professional can create a stream of amazing and visually capturing video content. The next step is managing the workflow such as content demands, and a leading software company like Bitcentral can help with that. Whether it’s their products or solutions, the video content a broadcast professional creates has everything to gain when it comes to the expertise of Bitcentral and it’s contributions to the very digital sphere the broadcast industry is thriving and expanding on.

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