Blackmagic Design’s New DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard Enhances Editing Speed For Content Creators


The content a creator makes has to be unique if it is stand out, especially when they are reaching out to an audience. The content and the brand a creator supports have to matter. At the same time though, a creator needs to take into account the amount the vast array of tools a company such as Blackmagic Design can help provide for them in their mission to not only create some of the best content out there. But also the best audience their brand can communicate to. That’s where Blackmagic Design comes into the picture, and with their new DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard, content creation will be a much easier process to manage for the many talented content creators working in the broadcast industry.


About Blackmagic Design



If there’s anything Blackmagic Design creates, outside of magic, are some of the world’s highest quality video editing products. That’s right, since 2001, the digital cinema company has manufactured products ranging from

  • Digital film cameras
  • Color correctors
  • Video converters
  • Video monitoring
  • Routers
  • Live production switchers
  • Disk recorders
  • Waveform monitors
  • Real-time film scanners

All these products have been made for both the feature film, post-production, and television broadcast industries. One example of Blackmagic Design’s products includes its DeckLink capture cards, which pretty much started a revolution in quality and affordability in the world of post-production. This kind of change was also demonstrated through the company’s Emmy™ award winning DaVinci color correction products, which have conquered the television and film industry.

Blackmagic Design endless stream of breaking innovations include both 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI products, as well as stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD workflows. And with the new DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard, their pathway to innovative success will only continue.


Blackmagic Design‘s DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard



Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard goes beyond just that of a simple keyboard. This particular Keyboard has been made as an alternative editing device, which only increases the speed of editing much faster than that of a mouse. Essentially, the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard can help customers to simultaneously use both hands at the same time, and it can provide them an integrated search dial that is built right into the keyboard.

Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard has an all-metal design, which is significantly more robust and this is the result if it’s being made for professional editors whose days are spent editing for hours and hours, which would no doubt result in a demand for a premium keyboard solution. Unlike more modern keyboards with flat keys, the Keyboard’s keys have a tiered profile, which makes it easier for a user to feel their way around. The key switches are the same type used by eSports keyboards and each key is certified for over a million operations. The integrated search dial is machined from solid metal and it allows a very precise transport and trimming control. Also, the keys caps, hand rest, and key switches are all available as spare parts, and that way the keyboard can be refreshed and repaired over time.

The DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard’s speed is essential customers so that they can use both hands when editing. If customers want to use their right hand to control the position in a clip, while their left hand is setting in and out points as well as applying edits or vice versa, then no modern keyboard limits are preventing from doing so. With the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard customers have the ability to move, mark in and out points, apply an edit, then move again, repeatedly, one after the other, again and again.

The integrated search dial in the keyboard is machined metal with a rubber coating, which makes it feel very nice for users, and they’ll always feel they have solid control over DaVinci Resolve’s clip or timeline. There’s also an integrated electronic clutch that creates end stops when used for shuttle and position, all under software control. With multiple roller bearings, the search dial is very smooth and it can be spun in jog mode to allow a natural timeline scroll.

The Editor Keyboard also includes a revised qwerty key layout, which has been updated using feedback from professional editors. Despite this, users will still have access to all the traditional editing features for both the cut and edit pages in DaVinci Resolve, so the core qwerty part of the keyboard still operates in a familiar way. All the standard edit modes are included on the main keyboard. But customers still get new features in the revised layout, and this includes the viewer button that will allow for instant change to full-screen view. The DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard even makes it possible to edit from the keyboard in full-screen view

In adding additional commentary to the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard’s features, Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty said: “We think this is an incredibly exciting product as it has such dramatic workflow ramifications.”  Petty further went on to say “For years, linear editing was considered old fashioned, and now we have harnessed these benefits for modern linear editing for the first time. I cannot believe no one else has thought about this before and we have been shocked at the speed we can perform editing when using 2 hands on the new DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard!”

Several of DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard Features include:

  • All-metal design for increased strength
  • Enables faster editing than possible on NLE software
  • Integrated search dial control
  • Source tape allows faster clip searching
  • Buttons to instantly re-sort bins
  • Large trim in and out buttons
  • New keyboard modes for intelligent editing
  • Buttons to allow search dial to live trim
  • Buttons to change the transition type
  • Improved DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts
  • Keypad for direct timecode entry
  • Can be installed into a hole cut out in edit consoles

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Why Go With Blackmagic Design



In addition to having some incredible high-quality video editing products, Blackmagic Design just makes the cinema experience more exciting for both content creators working in the broadcast industry and their audiences. Regardless of whether a broadcaster is looking for a digital film camera, live-production switchers, or just high-quality routers, they’ll have no disappointments with the stellar quality of the work Blackmagic Design produces as part of its mission to help true creativity blossom.

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