Blackmagic’s Studio Camera 4 Rocked a 42 City Concert Tour This Past Summer


While a sold out concert tour of 42 cities had the past summer months rocking to Weezer and Panic! At The Disco, it may just have been Blackmagic Design‘s remarkable Studio Camera 4 that was the true star of the shows. Upstaging, Inc., an Illinois production company, was responsible for staging the 42 city tour and they constructed an entire IMAG and AV production utilizing the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K. In addition to the camera, Upstaging also brought other Blackmagic products into the workflow as 24 Teranex Minis and 4 Terenex Expresses were used to assist with camera signal conversion.

Blackmagic Design is a world leader in the creation and production of quality digital film cameras, video converters, color correctors, routers, video editing products, live production switchers, wave form monitors and real time cameras for such industries as post production, feature films, and broadcasting. Blackmagic Design has been a dominant force in these industries since 1984 and are the creators of the Emmy Award winning DaVinci Resolve color correction products.


Working in concert with Upstaging were Video Director Jack Edinger and Production Designer Robb Jibson of the So Midwest, Inc. production company based out of Chicago. The two specifically wanted to use the Blackmagic camera setups for the nationwide tour that the two bands were making.

Working in conjunction with Upstaging, the production pair developed their own system which was grounded in the use of the four Studio Camera 4K’s for IMAG along with engineering racks that held such technology as an ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel, ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, Terenex Expresses and Minis, Hyper Deck Studio Pros, MultiView 4’s, Smartscope Duos, SmartView 4K’s, Ultra Scopes, and ATEM Talkback Converters.


Jobson said that, “In these racks we needed the camera signal to come in and then be able to go out to a bunch of places. The Terenex units helped us out with all of that. We also set it up so we could route any of the camera inputs to any of the monitors and be able to see it immediately. This was great because the singers were all over the stage and the crowd is always unpredictable, so with the monitors and the Multi 4 units we were able to keep track of everything that was happening.”

The major IMAG setup had them placing one Studio Camera 4K up at the front of the house with another one mounted on a tripod in the pit and yet another off stage right. They ran all of the fiber optic cable for the cameras through a Camplex FIBERJ-P 1 Fiber Juice Box for their power needs and then ran one of them back to the equipment in the racks.


Edinger noted that, “The functionality of the Blackmagic Studio Cameras is great for this kind of setup. Having that big, crisp, clear 10″ viewfinder for our camera team to use totally changed the way that they can shoot. With these cameras, they can usually see what they’re shooting which allows them to have a lot more finesse in the way they shoot and ensure they’ve got sharp focus. The clarity of the cameras is incredible.”

Edinger continued saying that, “The rendering of color and the ability to do some fine tuning and color correction in the DaVinci Resolve software is such a simple and effective way to do it. We use to spend a lot of our time chipping our cameras and getting the colors right for the room. We usually ended up further away from true color than we wanted to be…because their isn’t time to chip them correctly on a daily basis and the environment is different everyday on the tour. With the Blackmagic cameras, we’ve had nothing but gorgeous results. These cameras just sing.”

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