Blonder Tongue and Vanguard Video’s New 4Kp60 Real-Time Encoder @#NABShow2015

Blonder Tongue and Vanguard Video have joined up to create a real-time 4Kp60 encoder which is designed to meet the critical demands of UHD streaming and broadcast applications! Taking advantage of the new HEVC video compression standard, users can now distribute live 4K content with up to 50% savings in bandwidth as compared with previous H.264 implementations. The Blonder Tongue LiveCastUHD encoder is a turnkey hardware solution that provides a simple method for capturing, compressing, multiplexing, and packaging video from a variety of sources, including uncompressed 4K.

At the core of LiveCastUHD is Vanguard Video’s HEVC compression engine, V.265. V.265 provides uncompromisable quality and it offers a long list of advanced features including interlace support, customizable GOP structure, GOP-aligned ABR multi-streaming support, and on-the-fly control for changing resolution, bit-rate, and GOP structure. The software design is highly scalable for multi-processor architectures and is optimized for very low latency. The extensive configuration and robust API allow OEMs to finely tune the encoder to match their specifications.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Vanguard Video which moves Blonder Tongue onto the fast track in the rapidly growing HEVC market, LiveCastUHD will be a great companion to our upcoming 4K decoder line.” said Jeff Smith, vice president of sales at Blonder Tongue.

“We are very pleased to be providing our HEVC technology to Blonder Tongue to enable a new, robust, real-time encoder for the market,” said Raul Diaz, Vanguard Video CEO. “They have a tremendous history of providing professional, cost effective solutions for their customers, and we share their belief that HEVC is poised to take off dramatically in 2015. LiveCastUHD will be a great way for any user to expand into UHD content delivery.”

Make sure to stop by the Vanguard Video booth SU8525 and the Blonder Tonque booth at SU6524 at @#NABShow 2015

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