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Blonder Tongue Labs Announces New Clearview Encoders and NXG System Capabilities That Future Proof Systems by Enabling Optimized Over-The-Top Video Without Costly Infrastructure Updates


Blonder Tongue Laboratories has unveiled new product updates and advanced capabilities for the cable TV market: the Clearview HDMI2 QAM/IP, now with secure reliable transport (SRT) and RTP for OTT video delivery; and NXG Edge with Widevine & ABR MPEG-Dash support.  

These products and more are on display for the virtual SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2021 and highlight the power and flexibility of Blonder Tongue’s solutions, which enable simple and cost-effective complete re-distribution of IP video and service operator content. 

“We are excited to continue to advance our offerings of high-value digital and IP video solutions focused on future-proofing equipment installations and empowering cable and fiber-optic service providers and their customers with the latest infrastructure technology,” said Ron Alterio, CTO and SVP of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “Our latest offerings meet the needs of modern service operators for next generation internet video delivery and local content ingest and redistribution.” 

Blonder Tongue’s highly customizable IP video transcoders, trans-modulators, receivers and re-multiplexing technologies are critical for service operators for both residential service and their B2B customers, including large residential buildings, MDU properties, SMBs, and other facilities that want to deliver advanced video services as well as combine and redistribute services coming from a mix of sources. These technologies are essential as they not only simplify and streamline new deployments but can also significantly extend the life of existing equipment by introducing modern capabilities and features that were previously unsupported.  This includes:  

  • Clearview HDMI2 QAMIP Encoder, now with SRT, is ideal for high-performance local ingest and digital signage, and supports many aspects of largescale cable conversion projects. It encodes 2 HD programs from two HDMI connectors and supports concurrent QAM and IP output, including either SRT streams or Unicast and Multicast SPTS.  QAM output includes PSIP information for direct digital TV display and digital signage applications. It can encode to MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 (AVC), or H.265 (HEVC) formats in all major resolutions, from 480i to 1080p60. Inputs are also provided for ingest of NTSC closed caption information. Like other Clearview Series products, this 1 RU solution can be managed remotely and features a simple interface to download and upload configuration files for multi-unit deployments.  The Clearview HDMI 2 QAM IP uses ultra-low latency hardware-based video compression, transcoding and transrating technology to provide superior video quality and 24x7x365 reliability in tough operating conditions. 
  • NXG EDGE, now with Widevine Digital Rights Management (DRM)descrambling, is the new, award-winning 2 RU version of Blonder Tongue’s NXG IP Digital Video Processing Platform, designed to meet the unique needs for Edge location video delivery. The latest enhancement supports receiving adaptive OTT streams in unicast ABR formats and can create local video services on any generation of legacy coax or ethernet wiring for any type of endpoint including digital or analog televisions, legacy Set-Top-Boxes or   Our new Widevine module can transform up to 64 HD or SD ABR sources for custom IP and RF distribution. It features decoding and descrambling Widevine-protected MPEG-DASH or HLS Unicast streams, while supporting resolutions up to 1080p30.  
  • Aircaster AQT8 Seriesenables custom IP and/or QAM output channel lineups from up to 8 off-air ATSC 1.0 or QAM frequencies. This powerful device now supports a full lineup of up to 64 channels or program streams in a small 1 RU footprint and can completely re-multiplex 64 selected programs into any 1 of 8 output transport streams over QAM or IP.  The Aircaster AQT8 can distribute video throughout a facility or campus without the need for countless digital converters, external splitters, or legacy one-to-one solutions. The solution enables remote monitoring, signal testing and virtual mapping to reduce truck rolls. It is ideal for incorporating off-air content onto private properties without paying additional fees for local cable or satellite services. 

For more information, visit: www.blondertongue.com/  

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