Bluefish444 Announce zLense zKey™ Support for Epoch Range

SDI I/O for ZKEY depth mapping software and Unity graphics engine for greenless keying virtual set workflows

North Melbourne, Australia, April 5, 2018 – Bluefish444, manufacturer of the professional video industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP & HDMI I/O cards and mini converters, announces support for zLense zKey 3D keying system with the Bluefish444 Epoch video I/O card range.

zLense’s zKey™ 3D keying system uses depth information to separate the foreground talent from the background, creating an alpha channel in real time. Bluefish444 Epoch video cards capture uncompressed HD-SDI video from the camera and the depth information from the zKey™ hardware. The captured depth information and the video are processed by zKey™ software, an alpha channel is generated, and both are played out as 4:2:2:4 fill and key SDI.

zKey™ creates streaming depth image and distance data in real-time as meta data where it is captured by Bluefish444 SDI video cards as ancillary data in real time. Using the new zLense Plug-in, the zKey™ SDI output can be used with the popular Direct X based rendering engines like Unity, Unreal and camera support systems, sliders and tracking system like zLense’s zTrack and others.

The zKey™ depth processing core sends depth data, distance and matte as production ready, making it easy to use it with the latest generation production software. The distance measured can control and generate interactive actions based on the talent’s movements.

“Zlense’s zKey™ technology will revolutionize the creative potential of live productions with their 3D greenless keying system,” said Tom Lithgow, Product Manager at Bluefish444. “The addition of Bluefish444 SDI IO support to the zKey™ system enables reliable, low latency video IO and allows the transport of custom ancillary data.”

“The award winning zKey™ technology makes mobile virtual or mixed reality studio setup without green screen a reality.” comments Dr Ferenc Birloni, CTO at zLense. “Optimization of depth processing and integration with rendering engines, software – based production systems and supporting a wide range of cameras and lenses was at the center of our development pipeline. It is our great pleasure to work with Bluefish444, known for their flexible SDK, ability to capture ancillary data, low latency and highest picture quality. All these features add up to a reliable workflow making a production team’s life much easier”

Bluefish444 will have a demonstration of zLense using Epoch | 4K Neutron video I/O on stand SL9021 at NAB Show 2018. The demonstration will show how backgrounds can be separated from talent without the use of a green screen and will show how the Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron low-latency hardware can help reduce the delay in live CG workflows. Bluefish444 Epoch hardware will be used in both the zKey capture and playout appliance and also in the 3D rendering appliance, utilizing a Unity plug-in for the final rendered output via Bluefish444 SDI.

Bluefish444’s Epoch video I/O card range, compatible with zLense zKey, is available from Bluefish444 authorised distributors and resellers worldwide. For more information about Bluefish444, please visit

For more information about Zlense visit NAB Show stand SL13908.

About zLense

zLense delivers innovative technologies for use in broadcast and production markets, with a specialty in 3D depth mapping, camera tracking, and real-time virtual and augmented reality applications. zLense offerings include the innovative zLense depth scanning unit, the zTrack precision camera tracking system and the zKey™ Greenless keying system, zRec depth data recording solution. zLense benefits from the algorithm and software expertise of parent company Zinemath Zrt., based in Budapest, Hungary. For more information, visit

About Bluefish444

Bluefish444 is the manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP & HDMI I/O cards for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Its video cards are used not only in traditional broadcast and post-production, but also in emerging workflows such as live events, immersive graphics, augmented reality and Video Over IP. Bluefish444 has a growing presence in industries adopting professional video such as the medical, automotive, defence and mining industries.

Bluefish444 cards have been used on award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos and sports events worldwide. Bluefish444’s range of video cards are incorporated in video servers, encoders, decoders and character generator solutions by numerous 3rd-party OEM manufacturers, in addition to other niche & mainstream applications.

Founded in 1998, Bluefish444 is a division and brand name of Bluefish Technologies Pty Ltd., which is based in North Melbourne, Australia. Its products are distributed via an extensive sales channel of OEMs, dealers, and system integrators globally. For further information, visit

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