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Bonneville Seattle Media Group Undergoes Organizational Restructuring


Webster’s dictionary defines the word “Change” as ” To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another.” Nothing ever remains the same, and that certainly is the case with The Bonneville Seattle Media Group’s recent announcement on how it will be undergoing organizational restructuring. This announcement was made earlier this week on Tuesday, August 20th, where four new directors were selected to lead in the departmental areas of:

  • Programming
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Digital, Managing Content and Revenue


Program Director at 710 ESPN Seattle

The programming division will have 710 ESPN Seattle Program Director, Mike Salk transition into the role of Director of Programming. In this role Mike will be in charge of overseeing KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, 710 ESPN Seattle, and AM 770 KTTH radio products.


General Sales Manager at 710 ESPN Seattle

The sales division will be headed by Cathy Cangiano, who also worked in 710 ESPN Seattle as the sales manager. In her new sales director role, Cathy will continue to work with 710 ESPN Seattle, along with KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, AM 770 KTTH, and Seattle Mariners Radio, which can be listened to on tunein.


Controller at Bonneville Seattle Media Group

Controller, Alison Lichtbach will be the new director of finance, which will have her managing the business and operations departments within the Bonneville Seattle Media Group.


General Sales Manager, Bonneville Seattle – KIRO Radio

The new digital director role will be held by KIRO/KTTH Sales Manager, Tina Sorensen where she will be managing both content and revenue for the Bonneville Seattle Digital Properties. General Sales Manager, Ethan Kelly will assume her former role at KIRO/KTTH.

While restructuring is underway, Director Marin Brustuen will continue to lead the Human resources department as a business partner, while Bonneville Seattle Media Group managers with expanded responsibilities like Bryan Buckalew, will work as the Radio Program Director for KIRO, and Colleen O’Brien will lead the KIRO news department as the radio managing editor. As a result of the recent realignments, the currently vacated position of director of news and programming for KIRO Radio will remain unfilled.


What Restructuring Means For Bonneville Seattle Media Group

VP/Market Manager, Bonneville Seattle Media Group, KIRO Radio 710 ESPN, and Seattle 770 KTTH mynw.com

Regardless of who is placed in charge of which department, some concerns will undoubtedly be raised in the wake of the ongoing shifts and the challenges that will follow the new directors as they head their departments. Following the current restructuring, Bonneville Seattle Media Group’s VP/Market Manager, Dave Pridemore addressed the matter when he stated “These are proven leaders within our organization who are ready for their challenging assignments,” “They are innovative and prepared to provide guidance as we look to the future of our dynamic and far reaching audio and digital products. This new structure ensures our success in 2020 and beyond and elevates our daily focus on our digital business which is imperative, as Bonneville Seattle is well positioned in this space to generate significant audience growth and to deliver solid ROI to our clients.”

Change is an inevitable factor of adaptability that must happen for growth to occur within any organization. Since its formation back in 1964, the Bonneville International Corporation has undoubtedly undergone significant amounts of change, which have lead to its success as a leader in radio and television broadcasting. Through its wide reach, The Bonneville International Corporation has done well to build up, connect, inform, and celebrate the various communities and families across its numerous state markets, which include:

The Bonneville Seattle Media group’s restructuring will no doubt play a vital role in how successful Bonneville International continues to operate within the Radio and Television broadcasting industry as a whole. The appointment of the new directors for The Bonneville Seattle Media Group will become effective immediately Monday, August 26. For more information about Bonneville Seattle Media Group’s restructuring, then check out www.bonneville.com.