BOSS FILETRANSFER Manager™ available at IBC with amazing new features

Media Exchange Portal to support ease of up and download of user content

Dietzenbach, 26.08.2016 – Dimetis, the leading software company in broadcast and telecommunication, announces the launch of trend-setting new features to its BOSS FILETRANSFER Manager™ product at IBC 2016.20160818_previewplayer

“We want to emphasize the power of BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager™, especially for the MFT (managed file transfer) area. Our cloud based Media Exchange Portal gives users maximum convenience when exchanging media with external users via PC or mobile. As usual BOSS FILETRANSFER Manager™ manages all complex workflows in the background. This is a milestone to approach our core target group and corporate customers as well” Joachim Kniesel, CEO of Dimetis GmbH explains.

Flow control is another highlight: based on divers meta data the user can define rules for creating and running special partial workflows with the standard workflows. As always BOSS FILETRANSFER Manager™ reliably controls and supervises all workflows.

The new Preview-Player can be opened in the web GUI without the need of any plugins. The BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager™ Transcoder has been especially developed to achieve real-time views of videos, live content is being transcoded and streamed.

For streaming the MPEG-DASH Standard is applied; this enables high-quality streaming via internet on standard, cost-effective HTTP web servers.

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