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Boxx long range Zenith, reduced delay, built-in talkback, tally and iris


Boxx TV to demonstrate a new, long range Zenith transmitter with reduced delay and built-in talkback, tally and iris control, for live broadcast and sports

Xxth February 2014, London, UK:-  Boxx TV will be showcasing new feature options for their long range transmitter, Zenith, at NAB, which has been updated to reduce its latency and add communications and control features to help the camera operator during live broadcasts, especially sports and newsgathering.

Zenith is Boxx Tv’s wireless ENG system for longer ranges, and is designed for use in stadiums and other outdoor sports and news situations.

A significant change in this latest model is the reduction of latency from four frames to two, which keeps the signal in lip sync, making the Zenith ideal for live news and sports.

As well as reduced delay, Boxx TV has added three useful features to help the camera operator on set. There is an SDI loop feature which allows an additional monitor, such as a Steadicam monitor, to display the camera image that is being sent to the director’s monitor. There is also a remote control feature for the Iris and Tally light, and a built in talkback system, which gives the camera operator instant communication with other people on set – which could replace hand held talkback radios in this situation.

Boxx TV’s Zenith transmitter and receiver operate in the licence-exempt 5.1 – 5.9 GHz band, and provide reliable links over ranges up to 1km, and have achieved distances as long as 30km in a point-to-point set-up. The Zenith system uses H.264 encoding and 1080i/60p and is offered in two versions, for HDMI or HD SDI input.

The new Tally and Iris control operate on the same licence-exempt frequency.

Boxx TV will be demonstrating this latest version of Zenith at their booth, at NAB. For more information please see www.boxx.tv or visit Boxx at NAB, booth C10108.Zenith Feb 14

About Boxx TV:

Boxx TV provides revolutionary microwave broadcast equipment designed around ease of use by technical and industry professionals.

This ground-breaking technology has been especially designed for the needs of live-to-air broadcasts, ENG operations and is also ideal for Steadicam, portable field monitoring or video-assist applications.

Today Boxx TV offers an affordable range of products designed with an understanding of the way that camera operators like to work.


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