Brightcove Marketplace Welcomes OTT Revenue Intelligence Platform Watching That

London, September 29, 2021Watching That, the leading revenue intelligence platform for the OTT industry, announces its availability on The Brightcove Marketplace. Brightcove customers and prospects can now add Watching That’s market-leading revenue insights to their video workflows to gain competitive advantage.

OTT providers today are faced with a fast-evolving and highly complex technology and advertising landscape as audiences shift en masse to the new way of consuming their favourite TV channels, shows and movies. The Brightcove Marketplace enables them to search and discover innovative ways to monetise their video experiences in a highly efficient way, with the assurance that all necessary technical integrations have already been tried and tested. The Brightcove Marketplace also enables customers to connect directly with Watching That for expert guidance, while enjoying support from the Brightcove team to ensure a seamless experience.

Watching That’s platform provides OTT customers with improved access and interpretation of their video streaming data to deliver better viewing experiences, manage their advertising inventory more effectively, grow the revenue generated from their viewership, and control costs. Watching That collects data from every ad and every video view across every device in near real time, allowing customers to monitor, control, troubleshoot and optimise all corners of their OTT revenue operations with a level of accuracy that has not previously been possible.

“We are proud to be listed on the Brightcove Marketplace. It is a great way for Brightcove customers to explore the best tools for their specific needs,” said Cameron Church, CEO & Founder at Watching That. “With other vendors, customers are often left to their own devices which creates a lot of confusion and wastes valuable resources, but now they can benefit from the Brightcove experience they love coupled with Watching That’s market-leading revenue intelligence platform and experts to guide them.”

“The Brightcove Marketplace offers best-in-class products that enhance the Brightcove platform. Watching That’s platform offers revenue intelligence for OTT at a time when workflows are becoming more complex, and there is little or no margin for error,” said Rajan Shah, VP of Marketplace at Brightcove. “Customers can now plan their revenue operations better and gain a crucial business advantage in what is an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Watching That’s platform is available on The Brightcove Marketplace immediately.

About Watching That

Watching That provides a cloud-based revenue intelligence platform for the OTT industry. The platform collects data about every ad from every view across every device in near real time, allowing its customers to manage, monitor and grow their multimillion-dollar streaming video businesses. Through a combination of best-in-class software and expertise, Watching That empowers its customers to grow their OTT revenues to previously unobtainable heights in a highly cost effective way.

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