Bring Skype Interviews into your Church Broadcast

Bring Skype Interviews into your Church Broadcast

We have a lot of clients that use the Mitto scan converter in their production facilities. One of my favorite clients is in Chicago, Illinois. It’s a house of worship where they sponsor a minister that travels the world spreading their teachings and their word. He uses a laptop computer out in the field. They are able to utilize Skype. They bring his stories back into the main facility in Chicago via the Internet and use the Mitto scan converter to turn the Skype image into a high-quality, broadcast-level HD video signal that they can ingest throughout their production facility.

One of the main reasons they decided to purchase a Mitto scan converter is because of its audio delay capability. This is especially important with Skype interviews. With Skype, the video is so heavily processed that the audio is not properly matched up with the video, causing a loss of lip sync. We have an adjustable audio delay that brings audio and video back into sync. The other reason why they chose the Mitto scan converter is because of its full four-handled Proc Amp control. This allows them to adjust color and video levels of the Skype signal.

They are very, very happy with Mitto and they utilize it every day in all their worship services. This technology allows the remote minister to really feel a part of the main congregation and the congregation gets the benefit of being able to see where their donations are going and what they are sponsoring out in the field.

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