British Innovation in Media Technology Takes Centre Stage at IBC2024

IBC is the global marketplace focusing on transformative technologies in broadcast and media. This year sees a variety of 31 companies participating in the GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland pavilions, in halls 1, 6, 7 and 8, and independently in 5 and 10 at IBC2024 (13 – 16 September, RAI Amsterdam). 

The UK has always played a leading role in the development of broadcasting and content creation. Today, its industry is dominated by niche companies with world-leading products. These companies stand on the global stage thanks to initiatives like the IBC2024 pavilions. Tradefair, as the pavilion organiser, will once again oversee the administration, on-ground support, and promotion for the group at IBC. Participating companies will gain from the Tradefair team’s expertise, as they manage the entire process, enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities. 

Ad Signal (6.C28b) uses digital fingerprinting to help businesses understand the content they hold, saving cost and carbon in the process. AntennaWare (8.B77f) is the only commercially successful business making antennas for wearables like concealed body microphones. Aqua Broadcast (8.B77b) draws on its highly experienced team to create dynamic and innovative new tools for transmitters and audio processing. Blue Lucy (6.C29a) concentrates on software solutions to support creation and delivery, with the focus very firmly on the client’s business goals. 

Christy Media (1.C37j) offers specialist recruitment and executive search for the broadcast and media industry. (7.A09e) develops next generation broadcast playout systems which can be hosted in the cloud, on the ground or a combination of the two, with seamless efficiency. CRM.COM (1.C37g) provides enterprise-class subscription billing and eWallet-based promotions, hosted in the cloud for fast rollout SaaS solutions. Disk Archive Corporation (7.A09c) supplies high availability, high security archives and content libraries tailored specifically for the needs of broadcast and media. 

Eddystone Broadcast (8.B77d) is a world leader in FM transmitters, built around a common modular design with hot-swappable power amplification. Emotion Systems (6.C28a) develops innovative file-based audio automation and analysis tools, saving time and improving media supply chains. GB Labs (7.A09a) is an acclaimed innovator in storage solutions, building a hybrid technology that accelerates media workflows. 

Hitomi Broadcast (10.A42) is the global leader in precision measurement of circuit latency and lip-sync, ensuring error-free operations without relying on guesswork. Imagen from Reuters (5.A35) is a cloud-native asset management platform, helping users manage, enrich and distribute their valuable content. Kineton Europe (1.C37f) brings together innovation in media, IT, telecoms, automotive and aerospace, optimising content creation and delivery. Knotty Ash Woodworking (6.C19) provides bespoke furniture for studios and control rooms that combines functionality with striking aesthetics. 

Open Broadcast Systems (1.A40c) develops software for video and audio transport, enabling multiple functions to run on COTS hardware, drastically reducing costs. Ortana Media Group (1.C37i) offers a range of content-centric automation orchestration software to meet any media workflow. Perception TV (1.B06) delivers end-to-end IPTV and OTT services through a single, unified platform. Polar Graphics (6.C28c) distributes the very best in graphics, storage, automation and workflow products from ingest to post-production to storage.  

QScan (7.P44/7.P42) offers everything you need to automate media quality control, effortlessly ensuring your video files meet all professional delivery standards. Radica Broadcast Systems (8.B77a) provides the foundation of any successful radio station, the transmission system, from consultancy to installation and maintenance. RioVIDEO (1.A40a) supplies flexible and scalable compression systems for high quality IPTV and OTT headends. Salsa Sound (8.B77e) applies artificial intelligence to audio production, simplifying audio production and maximising efficiency. 

Sandbox Group (1.C37b) specialises in digital entertainment and learning, providing unparalleled experiences through video streaming and smart gaming. Spacepath Communications (1.C37a) designs, manufactures and supports a broad range of uplink amplifiers and associated equipment for satellite operators. Speechmatics (8.B77c) is a global leader in speech intelligence, harnessing AI to understand every voice in real time across languages, accents and dialects. Starfish Technologies (1.C37e) stands as a world leader in transport stream splicing and processing, as well as advertising insertion, localisation, and audio description technology. 

TMD (7.A09b) puts you in control of your media supply chain, streamlining processes and enhancing organisational efficiencies. Trint (1.C37c) is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows users to quickly craft narratives from transcribed audio or video. VITAC (6.C29b) develops software for AI-powered captioning, transcription and localisation. Finally, Yotta (1.C37h) creates branded user interface applications for smart televisions and set-top boxes, making it simple for service providers to roll out consistent services. 

“IBC provides the opportunity to talk to potential buyers from more than 170 countries,” said Mark Birchall, managing director of Tradefair. “The group of exhibitors we have working with us this year demonstrate the absolute breadth of stills, talent, knowledge and experience in the UK. We are proud to provide the infrastructure which allows them to showcase what they can do at IBC.”

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